(Photo by Jayne Kaminoncea/Getty Images).


After a disastrous maiden voyage with Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, the future Hall of Famer will have some major help from Sean Payton, who is the new head coach.

Payton spent many years at the helm of the New Orleans Saints, who had another future Hall of Famer under center in Drew Brees, and many believe he can get the best out of Wilson — if Wilson still has some high-level play in him.

Herm Edwards, former New York Jets coach and Kansas City Chiefs head football coach, stated that Payton can be an asset to Wilson but only if Wilson is willing to allow him to.

In 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson was one of the game’s best signal-callers, especially because of his ability to gain yardage with his legs, and they made the playoffs in all but two of those seasons while winning a Super Bowl in 2013.

Wilson was a bit disappointed in his career this year. He posted career lows for completion percentage (60.5), touchdown passes (16) as well as passer rating (84.4).

If he can even regain some of his former form, the Broncos could end their playoff drought in 2023. This drought dates back to 2016.

Their offense was terrible this season. They finished last in points scoring and their fans had many miscues.

The hope is that Payton will jump-start that offense and make it considerably more potent, but if Wilson continues to play like he’s over the hill, such an improvement likely won’t happen.