Elon Musk’s Twitter is undergoing more major changes.

Musk made it clear via Twitter that the company will share ad revenue today with content creators. Musk said that creators would be paid for any ads appearing in their replies to tweets. 

Musk made a follow up post and added an additional caveat. Before participating in the ad-revenue share program, creators must sign up for a paid Twitter Blue membership ($8 web, $11 iOS).

Apart from the Twitter Blue requirements, this sounds fantastic for creators! One of the most critical criticisms of Twitter has been that the company doesn’t pay creators. YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and TikTok all offer some kind of ad revenue-share-based monetization program that is open to the public. Musk says that this is changing.

Now you may be asking yourself, “How can I sign up?” We don’t know. Musk didn’t provide any additional information beyond the Twitter Blue requirement. There has been no additional information about this program that ostensibly starts today — not from Musk, and not from any of Twitter’s official accounts.


Report says Elon Musk wants Twitter become a payment platform

You should be wary if you’re a creator. Twitter has not revealed the revenue share or how much each side would get. The company did not specify if the pay would depend on impressions (i.e. The company did not explain if the pay would be based on impressions (i.e. how many times an advertisement is viewed) or click-throughs. The revenue share would be determined by engagement. This could include how many people like or retweet an ad. We don’t know.

Twitter didn’t share any details either. How Creators will be paid. Creators have not been notified about how to provide their bank information to Twitter for payment. There is no information on how creators can track their revenue analytics or sign up to the monetization program. Is every Twitter Blue subscriber eligible or will there be follower counts requirements, similar to other platforms’ revenue sharing programs? These are all excellent questions, and they remain unanswered at the time this program appears to be starting.

In any case, if you want to get paid, you need to pay Twitter first — a fact that is getting Musk User criticism(Opens in new window). It is certain that there will be people who signup for Twitter Blue in order monetize the content of their posts. Without knowing much about the program, it is impossible to determine if it will be worthwhile. You could pay $8 to $11 per month, and only make a few dollars in that time period. Why bother when the sole purpose of your subscription will be to make money?

Twitter has previously offered monetization options to its users. Users can subscribe directly to certain users using the Subscribe feature, which was formerly known under Super Follows. This allows them to receive paywalled tweets. Pre-roll ads have been used to monetize videos by big publishing partners. However, this program is not available to all users and has been very exclusive.

Musk’s announcement has raised more questions than answers. And perhaps no question is more urgent than this: Is it possible for Twitter to afford a revenue sharing program? Since the Musk acquisition, half of its largest advertisers have left the company. big drop(Opens in new window) In ad revenue.

It will be fascinating to see how the shared revenue flows to users when the platform releases that information.