An Etsy designer was “absolutely bombarded” since one of her items prominently appeared in Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour announcement post earlier this week.

According to the outlet, the number of orders exceeded the average five to six Misbin receives in one week.

The post, which features Beyoncé tipping the shiny hat while rocking an equally shiny bodysuit, has received over 8.3 million likes as of Saturday morning.

The tour, the singer’s first in five years, is set to include 48 shows. The album “Renaissance” earned nine Grammy nominations ahead of this Sunday’s ceremony.

Misbin said Beyoncé’s stylist messaged her last year and inquired about receiving a “fully mirrored” In five days, cowboy hat.

Misbin sold the handmade cap to the stylist for $215, and it later appeared on the “I’M THAT GIRL” Teaser video taken back in August, before its appearance in the tour announcement.

Misbin was inspired by the popularity and appeal of the post. “shut down her shop” According to TMZ she can only do two hats per hour for the moment.

Misbin indicated that she is looking to recruit her sister for help with orders in the shop before it reopens.

“Each hat takes a long time to perfect and I’d never want to compromise the quality! all customers deserve beyoncè quality!🐝,” Instagram was the place where this designer wrote..