If you missed last week’s episode This is Snowfall It’s possible to want to see it before reading the rest.

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Well, Gail Bean and Isaiah John tried to warn us that a funeral was imminent, and this week we’ll get it. We spoke with Snowfall Angela Lewis, also known as Angela Lewis. “Aunt Louie” Saint, before episode 7, which will air Wednesday, March 29th, at 9:59 pm.

We’ve seen some of the social media posts so we had to check if Lewis has been paying attention to the public response to the death of her onscreen husband Jerome Saint, played by Amin Joseph, in last week’s episode.

“Yeah,” Lewis shared his joke with BOSSIP. “I’m getting all kind of responses. Mostly people who are mad and like, ‘It should have been you Louie!’ But some people are like, ‘Are you okay?’ It’s intense though.”

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Lewis and Joseph have been scene partners for the last six years, and Angela confirmed that filming without Amin hasn’t been easy for her.

“It’s hard, it was very hard,” Angela said. “The hardest was, we have these double-up days where we might be doing pickups from a previous episode while we’re shooting the current episode so we have two different crews. If I walk onto set with a crew that I don’t know — I don’t know anybody. Normally I at least have Amin so that makes it normal and not having him there was really hard. I felt very lonely. I could feel Louie feeling scared and angry that he wasn’t there. It was hard.”

There are many things to do Snowfall fans were even more angry at Lewis’ character after seeing the preview for this week, where she is seen blaming Franklin for her husband’s death. We noticed more than a few fans taking issue with Louie’s lack of accountability — something that Lewis argues isn’t the real issue. Instead, the actress pointed out why Louie’s logic makes sense to her.

“I don’t think that she’s not taking responsibility,” Lewis said this to BOSSIP. “How could she not? Jerome is the love of her life and he’s gone. She was his partner. In so many ways and on so many levels. But Franklin is the one who told Kane she put the hit out on him. Franklin is the one that told Kane where she was going to be, meaning the stables. When she was captured, Louie wasn’t out at the skating rink or the grocery store. She was somewhere obscure where no one could find her. And Franklin told. So he snitched on her twice. So yeah it’s Franklin’s fault.”

Whew… Now that we look at it that way — Is she right? Is Franklin more to blame for Jerome’s death? Is it Louie who is a part of that responsibility?

Angela and I also talked about playing a game. “villain,” What to expect from the sixth and final season of Teddy: Why Teddy is so insidious. For more information, click the flip.

For Snowfall’s most faithful fans Aunt Louie’s transition into villainy has been a frightening ride…

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Angela Lewis however has embraced the transformation.

“Villains are fun to play,” Lewis spoke up when we asked about becoming a full-fledged baddie for season six. “Ursula [from ‘The Little Mermaid’] is one of my favorite characters ever.”

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Still, most fans would agree that Louie’s treachery pales in comparison to Teddy McDonald, the CIA agent who has served as Franklin’s number-one supplier for most of the franchise’s history.

“If you talk to Carter I’m sure he has a different perspective than all of us,” Angela Lewis spoke of her Snowfall co-star. “What I don’t like about Teddy is he represents a larger problem that does not take accountability. It goes beyond the call of duty to lie and hide about its involvement in the Black community for many years. Yet. And yet! That’s my issue with Teddy.

Lewis isn’t done with critics of her character, however. She’d like to remind folks that the Louie we’re all seeing is someone who has learned to respond in kind and that too many people who take issue with her fail to hold Franklin to the same standard.

“I’m not mad that people hate Louie, it was a collaboration of thought that I was part of for Louie to become a villain, so I’m not mad that people hate her,” Lewis said this to BOSSIP. “What upsets me is the lack of logic that people are using in their reasoning for hating Louie. People are mad that Louie had that crackhead cop put a gun on Franklin — but Franklin had a gun in Louie’s face two seconds before that so that doesn’t make sense to me. People are mad that Louie stole $73 million dollars from Franklin but that is not true. Teddy stole his money and Louie had nothing to do with it. For me, it’s the math. It’s like, are you watching the show?”

Maybe the most forgotten part is Louie’s near death.

“It’s huge,” Lewis told BOSSIP about the impact being shot had on Louie’s trajectory. “I think people leave that part out too. Louie had been playing Franklin’s right hand for seasons. From the beginning, she was his right hand and she was instrumental in his success. She wasn’t asking to be front and center UNTIL she was on the ground bleeding out because of a decision that Franklin made.”

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Lewis continued, ” “I think anybody who is in a work situation where you are bringing 90% of the profits in and you are helping to strategize and make the best decisions and when your boss doesn’t do what you say do and it all hits the fan. Or when you make a request, the next thing you know your boss is screaming at you and can’t see you’ve been instrumental in your help, and now you’ve been shot and almost died? I would think when you come back from that you’ve done a lot of thinking and are like ‘You know what it’s time for me to do my own thing. If you not thinking like that what are we really doing with life? Louie is all good with me.”

Louie will appreciate your kindness and grace once she has said it.

We tried our best to get Angela to let us know whether Louie will side with Teddy or Franklin in the end but she wouldn’t spill!

“What I can say is that Louie’s emotions are all over the place right now and she’s trying to figure it out and whatever the answer is, it’s not going to be an easy one,” Lewis said this to BOSSIP. “We have a messy story and you can expect to be screaming at your TV. It’s going to be messy.”

We’re on the edge of our seats! FX will air a brand-new episode tonight at 9:59pm on FX Snowfall. Watch old episodes and seasons online at HULU.