Netflix is, of course, a streaming video and TV service. NowIt could also be your next gaming platform.

According to reports, Bloomberg(Opens in new tab) As Steve Moser, MacRumors contributor, has revealed that Netflix will soon allow players to use their phones as controllers for games on TVs. This could be part Netflix’s efforts to get a foothold into the games market, which it has been slowly doing in recent years.


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We have only a few lines code in the Netflix app to show that people can connect their smartphones to their streaming devices or TVs for gaming. Netflix subscribers have full access to the following: More than 50 Games(Opens in new tab) They can play free on their mobile devices, but not on desktops. To play, you will need to download the game separately and log in using your Netflix information.

These aren’t necessarily tie-ins that cost a lot for Netflix properties. One of the most popular Netflix mobile games is BreachThe popular tactical strategy game ”, which was first released in 2018, is now a beloved classic.

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