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It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. NFL The team has a number of talented pass catchers.

Many teams have adopted a more pass-heavy style of play.

Wide receivers are therefore even more crucial.

In both conferences, there are some elite receivers but the AFC is home to many noteworthy names.

According to PFF’s Sam Monson, these are the Top-10 wide receivers in the AFC.

Looking at this list, we can see some of NFL’s top players.

Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, and Ja’Marr Chase lead the list as the top three ranked receivers in the conference.

You can’t argue that any of these players are the best in their conference.

They have each developed a distinct style of playing and have been amongst the best players in the league for many, many years.

Stefon Diggs, who ranks fourth on the list, is no exception.

Garrett Wilson, who has been ranked higher than expected on the list by many, is one name that stands out.

He has only played one season and is the reigning Offensive rookie of the year.

He doesn’t have the same track record as some of the other star receivers.

Wilson is in for an amazing season with Aaron Rodgers at the helm in New York.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see him establish as one of NFL’s best after this season.

There are many AFC wide receivers who can be considered stars.

Each player listed here is a game changer.

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