Sam Heughan praised his Love Again co star Priyanka, and explained what he liked about the movie. Sam said he is a big fan of Priyanka and that he became’more sold on the project’ when Priyanka was involved. Sam has also responded to the question of how he improved his chemistry between Priyanka. (Also read | Priyanka Chopra gets a kiss from co-star Sam Heughan at Love Again premiere)

Priyanka chopra and Sam Heughan are in Love Again.

Love Again

In Love Again, Priyanka gives love a second chance after her partner’s death. Nick Jonas is Priyanka’s husband and singer. He also appears in the film. Love Again is an romantic comedy-drama that was written and directed James C Strouse. Celine Dion also appears in the film.

Sam on Priyanka

Sam told New Indian Express in an interview that he was a “serial offender” “It started with (writer and director) Jim Strouse’s beautiful script. I loved the story and the characters. And then, when I found out Priyanka (Chopra) was involved, I was even more sold. I am a huge fan of hers, and she is utterly brilliant as the heart of this movie…We got on so well from day one. She welcomed us all into her world. This is a film about love, but the ultimate love story is that of Priyanka and her wonderful husband, Nick (Jonas).”

Sam also spoke about his chemistry with Priyanka. “We drank! It was actually difficult because we shot in London during lockdown so we had to follow a lot of Covid protocols on set. We had to be very careful. But Priyanka hosted some fun parties for our little bubble; outdoors, I should add. That really helped build that chemistry, and bond everyone on the cast and crew.”

Love Again premiere in New York

Priyanka mentioned Nick in her speech at the New York premier of Love Again. “I was supposed to do this with a random actor and during Covid having someone lick my face, I was not about it. So I thought ‘Please Nick could you do it?’ She had said, “He was a sportsman, he was funny and came to the set. I was unprofessional on that particular day.”

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