Click to Enlarge / AI-generated image in the style of an anime woman, which also works as a QR code. If you’re having difficulty reading it, position your camera further from the image.

On Tuesday, Reddit user named “nhciao” Posting a series The Stable Diffusion AI Image-synthesis Model can be used to create artistic QR codes that are still readable by smartphones camera apps as functional QR Codes. The functional pieces have been designed to reflect the artistic styles of Asian and anime art.

QR codes is short for Quick Response codesOriginally designed for Japan’s automotive industry, two-dimensional codes were later adopted by many other industries. They have found wide-ranging uses in advertising, product tracking and digital payments. This is due to the fact that they can store a large amount of information. The encoded information, which can be text or a URL or other data, is quickly displayed when scanned with a QR code scanner.

In this instance, despite the complex AI-generated images and patterns created by nhciao we found that the smartphone camera applications on iPhone and Android can still read these QR codes as functional. Try moving your camera away from the image if you’re having problems reading it.

Stable Diffusion was an AI-powered, image-synthesis model that was released last summer. It can create images based upon text descriptions. It can also be used to transform existing images by using a technique known as “img2img.” The creator did NOT describe the exact techniques used to generate the novel codes, but on the basis of this blog post The title of the Reddit posting (“ControlNet for QR Code”They apparently trained several custom Stable diffusion ControlNet Models (plus LoRA Fine tunings) have been conditioned in order to produce different results. Then, they used ControlNet, a software that maintains the QR code data position despite generating an image around it. This was likely done using a written instruction.

Other techniques exist You can create QR codes that look artistic by manipulating the position of dots to make meaningful patterns. Stable Diffusion not only controls dot positions, but also blends picture details into the QR code.

Stable Diffusion’s inherent properties make it possible to use this interesting application. error correction feature Built into QR codes. This error-correction capability allows for a certain amount of data to be restored in the event that the QR code is damaged or obscured. It also allows for a degree of modification without rendering the code unreadable.

This error correction feature is used in QR codes to retrieve information when a part of the code has been damaged or is dirty. In the case of nhciao, this feature was used to merge creativity with utility. Stable Diffusion gave the QR codes a unique artistic touch without compromising functionality.

An AI-generated image that still functions as a working QR code.
Click to Enlarge / AI-generated images that are still functional QR codes.

All the codes shown in these examples point to an URL for qrbtf.comThe website is probably run by nhciao, based on past Reddit postings. This technique would work with any QR codes, but Reddit users can also post comments on this thread It is possible that QR codes work better with shorter URLs because of the way they encode data.

This discovery offers new opportunities for digital marketing and art. The QR codes can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art by adding color. The Positive reaction The nhciao experiment on social media could spark a new age in which QR Codes are not only tools of convenience, but also complex and interesting works of art.