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Patrick Mahomes was acquired by the Kansas City Chiefs through a trade.

Mahomes has been the most dominant and spectacular quarterback in the league since he became a starter, and, truth be told, it hasn’t even been that close.

He’s already put up a Hall of Famer kind of résumé, winning two Super Bowls with multiple Super Bowl MVPs, becoming the fastest player to throw for 200+ touchdowns and many more accolades.

Zach Wilson was the better quarterback for the New York Jets when they played Mahomes and Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

Opta Stats reports (via Ben Fawkes), this game was the first in 127 games that Mahomes’ opponent had more completions than Mahomes. He also had more passing yards and TDs.

Zach Wilson, despite all odds, has officially become the only quarterback to surpass Patrick Mahomes in performance, despite the fact that he lost the match, which is what matters most.

Wilson will try to improve on his performance as his team travels to Denver Broncos to win their second game of the year.

As for Mahomes and the Chiefs, Sunday Night’s game was a bit of a wake-up call.

They still managed to escape MetLife Stadium with a win, which is — once again — another testament to Mahomes’ greatness.

But they cannot overlook their rivals, and Mahomes needs to get back in the lab for next week’s game.

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