The tech giant Meta has reportedly disbanded its Responsible AI team to focus on its generative AI research. A memo within the company Obtaining by Information These plans were revealed late on Saturday night.


A new lawsuit claims that Mark Zuckerberg blocked attempts to address mental health issues among teens on Meta platforms.

According to the internal document cited by the report, the Responsible AI team is moving most of its members over to generative AI. A spokesperson for Meta-Told Reuters The restructuring is intended to “bring the staff closer to the development of core products and technologies.” Other team members will also be moved to work with Meta’s AI.

The Responsible AI Team was created in 2019. Its goal is to monitor problems with Meta’s AI. The Responsible AI team was created in 2019 with the goal of monitoring problems in the training of Meta’s AI. However, Reports Business Insider The Responsible AI team has been deemed to be an excellent group of people by the media. “shell of team” There is little autonomy, and there is excessive bureaucratic regulation.

The AI regulatory framework is still in its infancy. Meta’s move is alarming, as the company has been vocal in the past about developing AI responsibly. Meta platforms’ moderation issues have resulted in civil rights abuses as well as biased translation issues when it comes to sticker image generation for WhatsApp and Instagram profiles.