I’m in a pretty good mood. I made a bavette with a sherry vinegar shallot sauce pan sauce. I also had parmesan-crusted potato and mixed greens salad. It took 45 minutes to prepare and, while it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever eaten, it was still in the top 20%.

It’s nice to live in the 21st century, a time when even Americans of modest means like me can make food fit for a king. This is certainly a much better meal than anyone could have eaten in the 18th Century.

It is infuriating to me that the young people of today are being denied an education that could have given them an understanding of how much more fortunate people in Western countries have it compared to any other group in human history. And while not everybody in the world has it as good as we do, outside of regions where war makes it impossible, almost nobody faces famine–a situation unique in human history. In the past fifty years, food insecurity has been a widespread problem.

Things have never been so good for humanity, yet the most privileged people in the world–Gen Z and in many cases Millennials–are overcome with dissatisfaction and angst.

This is due to the natural tendency of humans to blame the world for their unhappiness (although material wealth doesn’t equal happiness, we are inclined to look at the causes of unhappiness in the material world), but even more so to the failures of our educational system, which is intended to create anger and dissatisfaction.

I don’t expect people to be in a state of perpetual bliss, nor to be perfectly satisfied with the state of the world or of society. There are many areas for improvement, and I think it’s a shame to see the youth being taught complacency.

No one can improve the world intelligently without understanding how it works. And the current generation doesn’t know what makes the world tick or how far we have come. Gen Z, in general, is both more intelligent and more ignorant than previous generations. They also lack a sense of what is possible.

This is an extremely dangerous combination. Intelligence that is not anchored to wisdom and knowledge can be extremely dangerous. People who are confident in their actions will end up going the wrong way.

Take a look around. You can see it everywhere.

Enough with the ruminations. Now it’s time for a smile.













































































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