Apple announced that the Vision Pro headset, its first augmented-reality headset, would be available in 2023 when it launched the Vision Pro. “early next year.”

Then, according to Mark Gurman, Bloomberg (via 9to5Mac), it appears that “early next year” The phrase “would actually translate to” is “sometime around” March 2024.

It may be early for the year but it is likely to disappoint those looking to buy the $3499 headset. Gurman said that initially the Vision Pro launch was scheduled for January. However, it is not yet ready and currently under final testing.

Apple’s Vision Pro launch will be very different from its usual product launches. The headset is only available for sale in the U.S. at Apple stores and online. Apple is reportedly planning to create special demo areas for customers in its retail stores. Try the device out Before buying. The Vision Pro will be available in other countries by the end of 2024.

However, there are signs that development is progressing and the Vision Pro will soon be ready. Recently, an iOS update enabled iPhone 15 users who had the latest version to record spatial videos which could only be seen on the Vision Pro. Also, a recent update of the Vision Pro’s operating system visionOS provided a glimpse into the onboarding procedure for the device.


Apple Vision Pro costs a lot, but not because you think.

It might be difficult to obtain a Vision Pro when it becomes available. According to a Financial Times report from July, Apple dramatically cut its production forecasts for Vision Pro because of the product’s complex design.