A Wall Street Journal op-ed tells us about the presidential election of 2024. Joe Biden’s age and infirmity make him unfit to serve another term, so why does he run? He is being a hypocrite by running for re-election. “profoundly selfish.”

It’s something many of us have written about as the presidential primary cycle continues. Joe Biden, in many respects, is a compromised presidential candidate. He is corrupt, old, and physically and mentally weak. Biden’s crime family investigation is resulting in subpoenas for family members allegedly cashing out on their relationship with Joe Biden. It’s hard for Joe Biden to present himself as morally superior to Donald Trump if Trump is the Republican candidate, as House Republicans move forward with hearings and impeachment.

Joe Biden turns 81 on Monday. It is impossible for him or his campaign to change this. Last year his family and staff were able to distract from this milestone birthday because his granddaughter Naomi’s wedding was held on the South Lawn. She allowed her White House wedding to be planned to take some of the spotlight off of her grandfather’s 80th birthday. The timing “was not a coincidence,” You can also read about how to get started. two sources CNN.

The same type of vehicle is still available this year. Tamping down attention placed on The Big Guy’s birthday. He’ll probably have a family celebration with cake and the usual narrative of what a great family man Biden is at the White House. It doesn’t look like Jill will be holding a celeb-heavy shindig to show how cool she is.

The voters are aware that Biden has aged. Seventy-seven percent of Americans say he’s too old for another term, according to an August AP poll, including 69% of Democrats, 74% of independents, and 89% of Republicans. And who says Mr. Biden hasn’t united the country? During the 2020 election, concerns about his age were muttered sotto voce, but now they’re front and center in his re-election bid.

Everyone thinks that he’s too old. Joe Biden’s staff admits he’s not fit to campaign for reelection. Biden is hoping to rerun the 2020 campaign, but this time from the White House rather than his basement in Delaware. He isn’t able to do the hard work of a presidential campaign – it is too much for him. He is afraid that he might fall again, and injure himself. Trump is likely to gain more support because of his apparent weakness. Trump is 77 years old. You may have noticed he is also staying at home, rather than campaigning as he has done in the past. Trump is in a very strong position in the Republican primaries polls and has legal obligations. You can see him at recent rallies still focused and making promises he made to make in 2016. He doesn’t seem to have the zip he had in the past. It’s perfectly normal but it shows that the two front-runners are showing their age.

Joe Biden Asking to keep his job for four more years when he can’t do it right now?

Why then is he asking for the public’s support to keep him at the Oval Office through 2029 when he will turn 86? If he can’t take the rigors of a presidential campaign, why would voters think he can handle four more years of a grueling job, which might include being shaken awake in the wee hours to respond to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan?

Given Mr. Biden’s age and obvious decline, running for re-election is an act of profound selfishness. He wanted the big desk at least since 1987 when he was first running. Aging people, even if they’re not surrounded by yes men, can be the last to notice time’s toll, as many can attest after trying to take away dad’s car keys.

The White House is making jokes in order to distract from the seriousness that the leader of free world is suffering from dementia and cannot do his job. It’s no joke. He is not joking. He appears dazed, confused and unable to read his notecards on stage. All of this not only is embarrassing but very dangerous. It is not good for the United States to be seen as weak. It isn’t just our friends and allies who see it, our enemies do, too.

Biden’s White House has leaked. They are telling reporters that the president isn’t up to the job. The honorable thing to do is for Joe Biden to be given the straight truth – all of the polling shows he is underwater in all the areas that voters most care about. Recent polls indicate that he is losing to Donald Trump. Biden’s whole reason for running in 2020, allegedly, was to stop Trump’s re-election. He’s again claiming that he can be the only Democrat to beat Trump. Biden wanted to be President since he ran in the late 80s. He never intended to fulfill his promise that he would serve as a placeholder and only for one term. He and Jill aren’t ready to give up the power and the perks.

His staff isn’t nearly as concerned for the country as they are for their jobs. If they weren’t, then they wouldn’t be. Resignation To send a mass message to the boss, employees can gather in large numbers.

The country should come before his staff and family. If the boss’s age is too high for another term but he won’t listen to it, it would be honorable to resign.

Biden’s refusal to accept reality is good for the Republican candidate. In the meantime, it’s bad for the country. Joe Biden is in his 50th year of elected office. His legacy is a few expensive houses and a fat wallet. His legacy will be he was worse than Jimmy Carter. His term has been Barack Obama’s third term and it has failed miserably. It’s time for Joe to retire to his house at the beach and let Gavin Newsom run to replace him.