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It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. Baltimore Ravens We are coming off of a major Thursday Night Football victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

This game did not bring all the positives.

Many thought that Mark Andrews’ injury would end his season.

It appears that the injury isn’t as severe as people thought.

John Harbaugh, who spoke today to the media, expressed optimism that Andrews might return in some form this year.

If they can get back their top pass-catcher, this is great news.

But it seems to be a long shot.

The Ravens will be lucky if they can get Andrews for the playoffs.

Andrews ranks second among Ravens receivers in yards received this year. Jackson has made Andrews a favorite of his.

The Ravens are now in contention to be the AFC’s number one seed.

Andrews’ absence from the starting lineup would be a big blow.

The Ravens now have to look to their younger catchers to produce.

Zay Flowers and Isaiah Likely both will have bigger roles without Andrews.

The Ravens’ offense has always been run-first.

Keaton Mitchell, the rookie runner who has recently emerged on their team, has given them a more explosive running style.

Jackson’s statistically impressive season has put him in the running for MVP.

Jackson’s chances of winning his second MVP will be good if he leads the Ravens to a number one seed.

The Ravens are copying a trend from the Elite Championship