The mainstream media’s favorite headline is making the rounds again this morning, with multiple outlets repeating claims from Hamas spokesmen that Deal for a truce between Israel A hostage exchange is “close.” Hamas says it has responded to the latest Hamas offer. As per usual, Qatar handles the negotiations. However, no details were given as to how many hostages could be released, or for how long a ceasefire would last. It is also unclear who was proposing the deal from Israel’s side or if Netanyahu’s government was even involved in the negotiations. Israel has continued to engage Hamas militants in Gaza’s northern region, while humanitarian aid was delivered in short pauses. (NY Post)

The chief of Hamas said the group is near a potential truce with Israel that would bring a pause to the country’s relentless airstrikes on Gaza in exchange for the release of Israelis held hostage in the Palestinian territory.

Officials from the Palestinian terror group have been arrested “close to reaching a truce agreement” An aide to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is negotiating with the Israeli government through Qatari mediators. Tell Reuters In a public statement.

The aide gave little information about the reported agreement, but did say that Hamas responded to the Qatari mediators.

Hamas officials have made a few vague suggestions to Al Jazeera TV. As such, you can assign any level of credibility that you like to these statements. They suggested the “prisoner exchange” It would be a mistake to not include “women and children” Hamas is holding the hostages, possibly in exchange for Hamas militants. Hamas could continue to keep the male hostages as long as the Hamas fighters were free to return to battle and continue attacking Israel. The “truce” would only involve the IDF standing down since they’re the ones on the offense right now.

It really doesn’t sound like this proposal came from Netanyahu’s government because it’s totally not in keeping with what he’s been saying and doing thus far. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said repeatedly that there will be no ceasefire until all hostages are released. And even then, he still hasn’t wavered from his commitment to fully destroy Hamas to remove future threats to Israel. If the proposal didn’t come from Bibi or one of his ministers, who is negotiating on behalf of Israel, and why should they honor such an offer?

Hamas also lies continuously. It’s impossible to assign much credibility to anything their supposed spokespeople say. They want nothing more than a respite from Israel’s advancing attacks. They’re losing more fighters every day and they may be finally recognizing the reality that end could truly be near. If a “deal” If a deal can be made to allow them to regroup and consolidate supplies, then they may have a chance of fighting another day. That’s not in Israel’s best interests no matter what is put on the table.

Don’t get me wrong. I would welcome any situation that leads to the release of hostages. But terrorists must never be tolerated Rewarded It is not a good idea to take hostages, because they will only be inspired to do so in the future. Hamas releasing a large number of hostages and Israel standing down for a couple days could be acceptable. Nothing has fundamentally changed. Hamas could end all of this tomorrow by surrendering en masse and releasing all of the captives, but that’s not going to happen. Hamas must be destroyed. And if Israel has to level most of the Gaza Strip to manage that, it will be unfortunate for many, but that’s how it will have to play out.