On Tuesday, Amazon unveiled Amazon QA chatbot that mimics ChatGPT but is designed for corporate environments. Q was developed by Amazon Web Services to help employees perform tasks such as summarizing files, managing internal tickets and giving policy advice. This makes it different from chatbots that are geared towards consumers. It is also a programming assistant.

According to The New York TimesName “Q” is a play on the word “question” and a reference to the character Q in the James Bond novels, who makes helpful tools. There’s a bit of Q in there. Star Trek The Next Generation (Though hopefully, the new bot will not be as destructive.)

Amazon Q’s launch places it in competition with existing AI corporate tools such as Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Duet AI. Amazon Q, unlike some of its competitors is not built on a single AI large language models (LLM). Instead, Amazon Q uses a Bedrock platform that integrates several AI systems such as Amazon’s Titan along with models from Anthropic or Meta.

A screenshot of the Amazon Q interface, provided by Amazon.
Click Here to View the Enlarged Version / Amazon provides a screenshot showing the Amazon Q interface.


“Developers can use Amazon Q to explain specific programming logic by asking questions (e.g., “Provide me with a description of what this application does and how it works”),” Amazon writes in a release. “And Amazon Q will give details like which services the code uses and what different functions do (e.g., “This application is building a basic support ticketing system using Python Flask and AWS Lambda”), along with a description of the application’s core capabilities, how they are implemented, and more.”

Amazon has not released performance benchmarks that allow us to compare Q’s capabilities with other chatbot solutions. We haven’t tried Q as of the time of this press release.

Amazon Q Promotional Video on YouTube

The AI industry has made significant investments, A partnership Amazon’s AI efforts have intensified since the launch of AI-startup Anthropic. They also developed AI-tuned CPU chips. The Q announcement is part of Amazon’s annual cloud computing conference. re:Invent 2023The. Plans to develop yet another AI chip For its data centers.

Amazon Q’s price is $20 per user/per month. That is cheaper than Microsoft or Google’s enterprise artificial intelligence solutions that are $30 per user/per month. Amazon Q has been released. “in preview in AWS Regions US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon),” According to the company

The Amazon Q name appears to be unrelated. Recent rumors OpenAI has made a breakthrough in the field of Artificial Intelligence. “Q*” (pronounced “Q-star”The development of the ) caused a premature hype about AGI Experts call the claims (artificial general Intelligence) The hype surrounding the upcoming election is largely exaggerated.