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The Dallas Mavericks aren’t known for their defense.

This became even worse when they traded Kyrie Irving for last season. They would have had one of the most vulnerable backcourts in recent NBA History.

It was obvious when they fell apart in the last stretch of the season, and they were determined to fix it in the offseason.

The Mavs made some nice additions on that end of the floor, and they’re obviously better than last season.

That’s why Luka Doncic wants people to start giving him credit for being a better defender, adding that not only himself but the entire team has improved in that regard (via Noah Weber).

Truth be told, Doncic isn’t a great defender at all, and we don’t mean to be disrespectful whatsoever, but even though he’s gotten less worse, the bar wasn’t high at all.

Doncic has a unique offensive talent. He makes the most out of his huge frame in order to create separation, and scores in many different ways.

But most fans can agree that he’s not particularly fast, especially in terms of lateral quickness.

Also, he usually jogs back on defense, not to mention all the times he leaves his team with one fewer defender because he’s complaining to the officials about a missed call on the other end of the floor.

There’s always a chance he gets better, but it’ll take a lot to change the narrative about him and his lack of defensive prowess.

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