The Jets’ playoffs have begun.

At 4-7, the Jets know they can’t afford another loss.

“It feels like we have to win out. That’s the mindset,” wide receiver Garrett Wilson said. “I feel like that’s always the mindset, but it’s even more amplified when you’re all of a sudden 4-7. It’s been a bad stretch for us. We want to win so that we can get this bad taste of losing out of our mouth in the first place. Once you win one, who knows what will happen? The reality of it is that we’re in a tough spot, and we’ve got to dig ourselves out. That’s the goal.”

Jets: Six games remaining, no margin of error.

Aaron Rodgers has expressed interest in returning to the NFL, but only when his team is still in contention for the playoffs.

They need to win the Falcons (5-6), Sunday, at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets’ offense has been utterly awful in the past four games.

They must find answers to their questions if they wish to maintain the season.

Aaron Rodgers wants to be back and play this year if the Jets stay in the playoff chase. Bill Kostroun/New York Post

“I feel like the playoffs are always from Week 1 all the way through,” Robert Saleh, the coach said. “You can say it is almost sudden death, I guess, but you always have to have the mindset to play every game like a championship game and train yourself to operate that way. You can say that it’s too late if you wait to turn up the ratchet when it becomes a life and death situation. We must continue to use the same mindset and train ourselves to treat every moment as if it were a championship moment.

“Our backs are up against a wall, and we have to continue swinging.”

Tim Boyle is set to make his second appearance at quarterback, after failing last week in the Dolphins’ game.

The Jets have 10 offensive touchdowns through 11 games in this season. Their last two offensive touchdowns came on Oct. 1, against the Chiefs. That was the only game this year that they scored both.

Robert Saleh
Bill Kostroun/New York Post

Rodgers returned this week to practice, giving us a glimpse of what is to come if Jets stay in contention.

It could be a loss for the Falcons “wait till next year” Rodgers.