Los Angeles is on the hunt for a suspect believed responsible for three murders that occurred in the last week. The three victims were all homeless, and were shot early in the morning while sleeping on the street. Central LA.

The three victims — all men who were in alleys or open areas by themselves — were shot and killed in the early morning hours, said Chief Michel Moore of the Los Angeles Police Department. The killings were committed in three different places across central Los Angeles, on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. But Chief Michel Moore of the Los Angeles Police Department said that they had found similarities amongst the three incidents, based both on physical evidence as well as camera footage.

“This is a killer who is preying on the unhoused,” Karen Bass, the Mayor of Toronto, said this at a Friday afternoon news conference. “Many friends and family members know how to reach their unhoused relatives. We need you to contact them today. We need you to tell them about this danger.”

Authorities asked the public for help in identifying a dark colored sedan and a man appearing on a surveillance photo, who they only identified as male. Investigators from the federal and county levels are working on this case to see if there were any other victims.

The police released these two grainy photos, one showing the suspected killer and the other the vehicle they think he uses to travel.

I don’t think anyone is going to get much out of the image of the suspect, except that he’s a man wearing a baseball cap. The car image is better. I hope someone will recognise it. Two of the victims have already been identified. Police identify the suspect.

The first victim was killed at 3:10 in the morning. Police said that the shooting occurred on Sunday, in an alleyway near the intersection between 110th Street and Vermont Avenue. Jose Bolanos was identified as the 37-year-old man who died of a gunshot.

Mark Diggs was killed the following morning in the 600 block Mateo Street. He was shot at 4:45 am. Moore said Diggs, who was pushing a grocery cart at the time, had stopped to plug in a phone. He was just about to fall asleep when an assailant shot him.

The third shooting took place on Wednesday, at around 2:30 am near the intersection between Avenue 18 and Pasadena Avenue. In the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, the body of a Latino man aged 52 was found.

This isn’t the first time a serial killer has stalked the homeless in LA. In 2018, a man killed seven homeless people by beating them with a bat. Four of them.

Ramon Escobar, a 47 year old Houston man was arrested in 2018 after he beat to death four victims and seriously injured several others during a series of attacks that took place in Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles. Later, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders.

Last year in Northern California, a similar shooting spree occurred in which many of the victims were also homeless.

Wesley Brownlee Arrested, charged and charged San Joaquin County has seen a spate of shootings in Stockton, and in the Bay Area, with seven fatalities. In this case, the investigators found that three men were killed and that the two survivors were all unhoused.

The fact that this person has targeted homeless people who are sleeping alone may just be because he felt he wouldn’t be caught. But once someone is shooting people at random it’s probably not safe for anyone alone on the streets late at night.

In LA, there are approximately 46,000 homeless people who sleep outdoors at night. Authorities have warned the homeless to not isolate themselves, and opened warming shelters with the hope that many of them will come in.

Finally, here’s a local news report from KCAL.