Airport in Munich Resumption of limited operations After being closed for almost a full day due to a record snowfall, which disrupted travel across the region.

Local media reported that 17 inches of snow fell on parts of southern Germany Saturday. This is an unusually high amount of snow for early December. Snowfall records for the day In Munich, since records were kept. Police and city officials closed down the train station in Munich. Stay alert and stay seated. Get off the road

Flights started taking off again about 6 a.m. local time at Munich Airport, Germany’s second-biggest air hub. Airport officials have warned that there will still be delays and cancelations. FlightAware’s flight tracking service reported that at least 200 flights were canceled Sunday. The day before, the number was twice as high. And Deutsche Bahn, the operator of Germany’s railways, Customers are being urged to take action planning to depart from or arrive at Munich’s main train station to wait until Monday to travel.

The city also cancelled other activitiesThe match between Union Berlin and Bayern Munich on Saturday is one of them.