An ongoing conflict between a private Christian school in Tavares, Florida, and one household has reached its peak, resulting in the expulsion of the family’s two children. Yet, it was not the behavior or academic performance of the children that led to their dismissal from Liberty Christian Preparatory School. Rather, it was the fact that their mother operates an OnlyFans channel where she and her spouse produce mature content. The school complained about the mother, Michelle Cline, promoting her site with a sticker on the family’s SUV. After a couple of warnings, the school’s principal sent a letter to Cline demanding that she “repent” if she wishes for her children to be readmitted to the premises. Cline views the entire situation as unjust, particularly for her children. (NY Post)

A Christian school in Florida expelled two students this week after their adult film actress mother refused to remove a decal promoting her OnlyFans page from her car.

Michelle Cline, known under the name Piper Fawn, had previously been prohibited from bringing the vehicle onto Liberty Christian Preparatory School’s campus following complaints from numerous parents about the promotional sticker.

“When they asked me to park off campus, I immediately complied. I never brought my car on campus again, and then it felt like that wasn’t enough, and they had to take it a step further,” Cline told The Post on Saturday.

“I just feel like punishing the children wasn’t really fair.”

On one hand, I can comprehend how this particular dispute came about. This concerns a Christian private school closely linked with the local church. Any association with adult entertainment would undoubtedly be discouraged. Moreover, children should never be exposed to adult content. Yet, this does not seem to be the case at all.

Cline’s car did not feature any explicit or pornographic material. The decal on her rear window, as seen in the associated report, only displays the generic OnlyFans logo and her website’s URL. There are no indications of the type of content available or descriptions of explicit activities.

Furthermore, when the school issued the initial warning letter to Cline, she was instructed not to bring the car onto the premises anymore. She promptly complied and began parking across the street, walking her children to school from there. However, it appears this was not deemed adequate. The school demanded the complete removal of the decal and for Cline to close her website as prerequisites for her children’s reinstatement.

It also seems that Liberty Christian Preparatory School could be more concerned with other, more significant offenses. While Cline’s content is technically classified as adult entertainment, featuring nudity and intimate activities (I can’t confirm this as I do not have an OnlyFans account), it is restricted to Cline and her spouse within the privacy of their home. She is not involved in extramarital relations or illicit activities. The site generates an average of $20,000 per month, enabling them to afford expenses such as private school tuition.

This appears unduly severe. Aside from their online activities, the Clines are regular church attendees and invest in their children’s education by sending them to a costly Catholic school. The ones truly facing consequences here are the children. Is this really the type of family the community wants to push out? Because that is the outcome. Ms. Cline has expressed intentions to homeschool her children and she and her spouse are considering a potential move to a more welcoming community. Now that her story has garnered national attention, it is likely that her OnlyFans earnings will increase, allowing them to manage it.