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The Dallas Cowboys have closed another disappointing season, failing to break their Super Bowl drought.

They were knocked out of the Wild Card round by the Green Bay Packers, leading to a crucial offseason for the team.

It could be argued that the 2023 NFL season was their prime opportunity to reach the championship game with the talent on both sides of the field, but their postseason struggles resurfaced.

Despite their premature exit, the franchise remains well-positioned to make a comeback in 2024.

One of the most pressing questions for their offseason is the course of action concerning Dak Prescott, who had a strong finish to the regular season.

As per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Cowboys intend to secure Prescott with a lucrative new agreement.

“Cowboys and Dak Prescott are anticipated to finalize a deal before free agency, making him one of the highest paid QBs in the NFL,” Rapoport disclosed, as quoted by Kevin Gray Jr. on Twitter.

There have been doubters who question Prescott’s capability to propel Dallas towards success, but Rapoport’s announcement suggests that the franchise has faith in his potential moving forward.

Prescott emerged as one of the elite quarterbacks in the league and was even in contention for the MVP title.

Although the veteran may not boast the same level of admiration as some of his counterparts, he has demonstrated an ability to elevate the team’s offensive capabilities when he is in top form.

While the exact figures of his impending contract may come as a surprise, teams understand the necessity of investing generously in a top-tier quarterback.

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