Jonathan Majors and his “Coretta” queen Meagan Good are still going strong despite fresh abuse allegations from two of the actor’s former partners.


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PEOPLE reports that the couple is still very much together after the Marvel actor was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, along with him facing domestic violence allegations from women he dated as a college student.

A source claims Megan 42, and Majors, 34, are “stable and very much in love” as they reside at Meagan’s residence in the Greenwich Village area of The Big Apple. Their dwelling has been filled with the sound of little feet paws after they warmly welcomed a 3-month-old Belgian Malinois puppy that they’re looking after together.

A source informed the outlet they’re easily recognizable around the lower Manhattan area in which they reside because they frequently take their dog for walks. According to TMZ, they brought their new addition on a road trip cross-country from L.A. to the East Coast, making a stop in Texas to visit the Creed star’s mother, Terri.

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Following the couple’s return from their trip, the New York Times published interviews given by the actor’s former partners, Emma Duncan, who alleged physical and emotional abuse, and Maura Hooper who claimed the actor emotionally mistreated her. “The Harder The Fall” actor’s legal representative, Priya Chaudhry, characterized the relationships with his college partners as “toxic” and admitted he “did say hurtful things,” but the allegations of physical abuse are untrue.

“These relationships were between young drama students and all began with mutual intensity,” Chaudhry stated. Hooper and Majors’ relationship lasted two years from 2013 to 2015. His relationship with Duncan extended from 2015 to 2019.

Two days prior to the Times report, Majors was scheduled for sentencing in the Jabbari case, but proceedings were postponed due to a motion filed by his legal team to set aside the verdict. The actor now has a new sentencing date set for April 8. He could face up to one year in jail.

The Lovecraft Country actor was given a guilty verdict on December 18 for third-degree misdemeanor assault and recklessly causing bodily harm. Additionally, he was found guilty of harassment in the second degree linked to a conflict with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari in March 2023. Majors informed anchor Linsy Davis of ABC News that he was shocked upon hearing the verdict, as he believed the jury would recognize his attempt to flee from Grace in the security footage.

In the exclusive interview, Majors expressed he “was absolutely shocked and afraid” when found guilty.

“How is that possible? Based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence,” he added.


Brittany Henderson, Grace Jabbari’s attorney, issued a statement to ABC News asserting Jonathan displayed “no accountability for his actions” in the interview.

Jonathan has been removed from several films and brand endorsements but expressed he remains optimistic and grateful for his support network.

“I’m surrounded by people who love me, who care about me. But this has been very, very, very hard, and very difficult, and confusing in many ways,” he expressed. “But I’m standing.”

As long as Majors has his “Coretta” by his side, he should be alright.