Instances like this are seldom observed in the corporate sphere, but in the peculiar realm of politics and governance, it is entirely justified. 

John Kirby has been elevated to a position equivalent to that of Karine Jean-Pierre, assuming the role of a presidential spokesman and “Assistant to the President.” 

However, Jean-Pierre will not be stepping down. Both she and Kirby will effectively share the same responsibilities as spokespeople and have equal access (or lack thereof) to the president. Additionally, Kirby will continue to serve as the communication director for the National Security Council, the role he has been fulfilling until now. 

In practical terms, Kirby’s promotion may or may not hold significant importance. Considering KJP’s complete inadequacy in her role, Kirby has already been shouldering a substantial portion of the workload. As Axios reported last month, he has clearly expressed his discontent with being subordinate to Jean-Pierre

Eminent figures have long been aware that Kirby has essentially been the de facto communications advisor to the president, possessing the political and communications skills to convey the message effectively, a task KJP has proven incapable of achieving. 

Reading between the lines: Both of them frequently appear together at the podium for one simple reason: it is favored by Biden. 

  • Kirby has gained more public and behind-the-scenes influence by establishing a close rapport with the president.
  • Biden consistently requests personal briefings from Kirby. Senior adviser Anita Dunn recently instructed Kirby to accompany the president on domestic flights aboard Air Force One, not just international ones.
  • Following Hamas’s attack on Israel on Oct. 7, Jean-Pierre has conducted a solo briefing for reporters only once, during a gaggle on Air Force One.
  • Kirby has accompanied her in every other briefing she has conducted, except for three occasions when she was joined by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. (Sullivan joined once because Kirby was unwell, according to two individuals familiar with the situation.)

Jean-Pierre still conducts the press briefings and determines which reporters pose questions to Kirby, as opposed to allowing him to choose.

  • While this is standard protocol for most briefing room guests, Kirby’s frequent presence has led to him expressing frustration with the practice. Some White House aides perceive this as an indication of Jean-Pierre’s insecurities.
  • These aides also point out that Sullivan calls on reporters himself during the briefing — a practice that originated during Psaki’s tenure.

The situation at hand shares the same genesis as the Kamala predicament: the DEI fixation of the Leftist administration. KJP fulfills the role of being “historic,” as a result of being a Black Lesbian immigrant. In her initial press briefing, she emphasized the “Firsts” she embodied. 

Similar to Kamala, this selection has proven to be a debacle on various fronts. Predominantly, it is due to the fact that both individuals are unlikable, ineffective, and a source of embarrassment. However, neither can be discarded as doing so would be construed as racist, sexist, and in KJP’s case, homophobic, in the eyes of the identity-obsessed Left. 

Consequently, the White House finds itself in a bind. 

Furthermore, on a pragmatic level, both of them undermine the implicit notion that minorities, women, and the LGBTQ community are undeserving of their positions and only ascend the ranks due to affirmative action. Despite substantial evidence that individuals from these communities can be competent and successful, the Biden Administration appears to be adept at evading their employment. Instead, they seem determined to affirm the beliefs of racists, sexists, and homophobes. 

Their diversity appointments have become the subject of ridicule, for evident reasons. 

Kirby is undeniably the more capable spokesperson and communications professional, yet replacing the Black lesbian immigrant KJP with a straight White male from the United States would be perceived as a betrayal. 

Identity politics is detrimental and incontrovertibly jeopardizes our society by demanding that entirely unqualified individuals supersede genuinely competent individuals. 

In this instance, as in many others, Biden has demonstrated that his unique skill is in “f**king things up.”