Shannon Sharpe – Source: Joe Scarnici / Getty

Amidst his busy schedule during Super Bowl LVIII, Shannon Sharpe found the time to address Mike Epps’ insinuations about him in his recent stand-up.

Shannon Sharpe, a Hall of Famer, had a jam-packed week and weekend in Las Vegas with various media appearances for Super Bowl LVIII. Even in the midst of his busy schedule, he managed to host his podcast with Chad Ochocinco called NightCap. Even though there were plenty of NFL-related topics to discuss, he took a moment to respond to Mike Epps, who made disparaging remarks about him in his recent stand-up routine.

During his stand-up, Epps implied that the NFL legend had a preference for men, as per RollingOut.

“That n***a Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview,” Epps said. “I said ‘No Madea, I ain’t doing no interview. You not gone look across from me and look at my balls when I’m sitting down.’ I thought he was going to attack Katt.” said epps. “The n***a’s show is called Shay Shay, the n***a is telling you,” Epps said. “Put a wig on that n***a and tell me that ain’t motherf**king Madea[‘s] sister. They exposing every motherf**king body.”

In the latest episode of NightCap, Shannon Sharpe made it clear that he was not pleased with the indirect insinuations. He denied ever reaching out to Mike Epps and threatened to release their direct messages if the remarks continue.

Furthermore, he vowed to confront Epps when they next meet.

“Mention my name again and imma put the DMs….and I don’t like doing this, but ya lying. I don’t care about all that other stuff you can say I’m gay and you can say… I don’t care about that. Because I won’t chase a lie.. I won’t let ya lie on my name.” said a visibly upset Sharpe. “Now you can say all that other stuff I can deal with that. I heard that a thousand times, just like everybody jumping in the chat talkin’ bout oh he don’t like nothing but white women. I done dated a lot of different races.”

Ochocinco, unaware of Mike’s remarks, attempted to interject with a joke about Shannon being like Skittles, liking all the different races. However, Shannon was focused on his response and dismissed the joke.

“I’m telling you this and I want somebody to send it to you.” Shannon said directly, addressing the comedian. “Say my name again and I’m gonna release the DMs. Because you’re lying, you said I reached out to you to come on Club Shay Shay. That’s a lie, when I see you, I’m gonna see if you’re about THAT. I’m gonna see if you want to repeat what you’ve been saying… trying to get some laughs because you got upset when Katt Williams did what he did.”

At this point, the Katt Williams interview has had both positive and negative impacts on Club Shay Shay. It has sparked a strong reaction, but now things are becoming personal. Given Shannon’s recent success, he should ignore the negativity and continue to achieve victories.

Hopefully, Mike and Shannon can have a conversation soon to address the situation before it escalates.

You can watch the full clip of Shannon’s response below.