Tony Hutson, a Cowboys guard during the late 1990s, passed away in early February at the age of 49, as per an online memorial

No information about the reason for his demise has been provided. 

Teammate Randall Godfrey reflected on their time together in a Facebook post, “Our 1996 Dallas Cowboys rookies had a special bond. He visited Valdosta several times to assist with my annual football camps. I cherished every moment that left me in tears after laughing so hard.”

Godfrey also added, “This news caught us by surprise. Rest in peace, my brother. Gone too soon.”

He also mentioned, “He had a passion for giving back to the community and working with children. He was just a delightful individual to be around. He kept everyone amused.”

Hutson excelled as an offensive tackle at MacArthur High School in Texas and competed at Kilgore College before transferring to Northeastern Oklahoma State University. 

Michael Irvin (far left), Tony Hutson (next to Irvin in light blue shirt), Tyrone Goodson (second from right in red), and Darren Hambrick (right) are seen here in this photo on July 10, 1999. Tampa Bay Times/

Hutson was recognized as an NAIA All-American in 1994 and 1995. 

After the Raiders discovered a noncancerous growth on his right lung during a physical, he went undrafted in 1996. 

“Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to play football again,” Hutson expressed in 1996. “But then I realized there’s more to life than football. I just wanted to live my life. I talked to my mom about it and prayed about it.”

Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Tony Hutson lead blocks for running back Emmitt Smith during Mini-Camp in Valley Ranch, Texas on May 7, 1998. Getty Images
After the tumor was extracted through a surgical procedure, the Cowboys recruited him as a free agent.  “I have excellent, agile feet. For the skills I lack, I put in exceptional effort,” Hutson expressed.  He was part of the practice team in 1996 and missed the majority of the 1997 training camp following wrist surgery.  Due to the Dallas line’s injuries, he made his first appearance towards the end of the year and commenced a game against Washington, resulting in a thrilling 17-14 victory.  “I was overwhelmed,” Hutson recounted at that time. “I just kept thinking, ‘Don’t let anything happen to Troy [Aikman]. Don’t do anything wrong.’ I was nervous at first and made a mistake early but after that I just took care of business.” “It’s my first start, millions of people watching, and it’s America’s Team. I had to perform right. Words can’t describe what it was like out there.” Hutson remained with the Cowboys until the 1999 season and participated in three matches with Washington in 2000.  Hutson was part of the Raiders in 2001 but was let go before the regular season due to struggles with a triceps injury.