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Twitter is ON FIRE about Love Is Blind Season 6, Week 1 where we’ve already encountered comical antics, including celebrity Chelsea Blackwell’s now-famous Megan Fox moment.

It’s likely you’ve already witnessed responses to Chelsea likening her looks to Megan Fox while in the pods. In one of the most amusing reality moments, possibly ever, she informed her blind date, Jimmy Presnell, that she was frequently compared to the actress, causing visible excitement from him on the opposite side of the wall.

Admittedly, Blackwell clarified that she didn’t really see much of a resemblance, but that didn’t hinder viewers from teasing her for an extended period after the season premiered on Netflix.

Following their in-person meeting, Presnell continued in a confessional to express that even though he was still attracted to his fiancée, she “lied” to him about her appearance.

Naturally, Chelsea addressed the ceaseless chatter over her appearance in an Instagram post.

Blackwell further addressed the situation on her Instagram Story, sharing a note originally posted by friend Presley Carter.

“Thank you all who are from our hometown and known Chels for all of your love and support for her through this! It’s been so exciting to watch her and see everything,” the post began.

“Also very hard because people are so mean here on the internet and take reality TV way too seriously. Like it’s a show yall, we need to cool it 😉”

While Chelsea trended across the internet, we witnessed another standout Amber Desiree “AD” Smith wrestle with uncertainties over her match before finally leaving the pods with Clay Gravesande who she admitted to Us Weekly is a “walking red flag.”

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Source: Netflix

While dating in the pods, Clay confessed how crucial physical attraction was for him, insisting he couldn’t propose to AD without knowing certain things about her appearance. And, well, that didn’t sit well with online viewers.

She informed the outlet, “Oh my goodness, Clay is a walking red flag. Right from the start, it was like ‘red flag, red flag.'”

In the end, they overcame those challenges, and the couple became engaged. Will their relationship endure?

Love Is Blind, Season 6 asset

Source: Netflix

What are your opinions on all the Week 1 antics? Do you believe Chelsea resembles Megan Fox? How do you expect Jimmy to respond upon seeing Jessica? Share your thoughts below and check out the social media frenzy over Love Is Blind Season 6, Week 1 on the flip.