A TikTok story of more than 50 parts about a Georgia woman and her fraudulent ex-husband’s multitude of falsehoods is taking over timelines and the name “Reesa Teesa” is echoing across all of social media.

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Not since 2015’s viral Zola Twitter thread has social media been so captivated by a story and with over 122 million views, we are dissecting why this cautionary tale is plunging the Internet into a mess of #WhoTFDidIMarry.

In recent days, TikToker @reesamteesa has become a sensation for posting an extensive story about encountering a man during the pandemic and marrying him, only to discover that he deceived her about the basics, including his family, previous marriage, and career.

The videos consisted of intervals and thorough accounts about the man known as “Legion” and astounding moments that have ignited the Internet.

Included in a TikTok playlist, the kickoff of “Who TF Did I Marry?!?” was shared on Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14, and the final video was shared on Feb. 17. Reesa Teesa has since amassed millions of views and has been showered with gifts and merchandise from eager fans awaiting more of her story.

If you are curious about the Internet frenzy surrounding Reesa Teesa’s TikTok story, check out our #WhoTFDidIMarry synopsis below.

#WhoTFDidIMarry Synopsis & Spoilers

According to Reesa Teesa, in 2021, she wed a man who she perceives to be a narcissist and a habitual liar.

Reesa Teesa

Source: TikTok

While acknowledging that much of the distressing TikTok tale will reflect poorly on her, Teesa admitted that she stayed around despite countless warning signs because she “desired to be a spouse” and did not wish to prematurely end the relationship for fear of humiliation.

“A considerable part of the reason I remained was that I didn’t want to be alone,” she expressed. “And secondly, I didn’t want to terminate the relationship too quickly and appear foolish. Thirdly, I was eager to be married, and that desire fueled many decisions.”

Continuing further, she said,

“I sensed that something was amiss, but I still didn’t grasp the depth of the issue. I also kept doubting myself, thinking, ‘What if he isn’t lying?!’”

Commencing her story, Teesa disclosed that she initially encountered her former spouse “Legion” in 2020 on two different dating apps and after some serendipitous moments that felt destined, she agreed to quarantine with him during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She and Legion cohabited in her condo and consented to eventually move into (various) detached homes together, but the plans to purchase homes continually fell through even though Legion agreed to pay substantial six-figure sums in cash. Legion professed to be a graduate of San Diego State University and a former player of Arena football who had recently relocated to Georgia from California after a job transfer.

Presently working as a regional director at a condiment company, Legion informed Teesa that he was affluent after investing money from his football career, some of which was stashed away in offshore accounts. Due to his substantial wealth, he covered the TikToker’s rent and bills, which Teesa acknowledged was a relief and kept her around.

Teesa also revealed that Legion seemed to provide intricate details about a previous marriage where he discovered his ex-wife cheating on him but still maintained a close connection with the ex-wife’s children from past relationships.

Teesa’s narrative encompassed numerous particulars, including instances when Legion would fabricate daily phone conversations with his brother to feign a close-knit relationship with his family. She also mentioned that he deceived about a job promotion to VP and had “correspondence” to validate it. At one juncture in Teesa’s narrative, she divulged that she sadly endured a miscarriage, and Legion was initially absent from the hospital due to his demanding work schedule, and only communicated through his “assistant.” The account continued, and she asserted that Legion would make pledges he couldn’t fulfill, including a commitment to purchase her a car, during which he callously sent her to test-drive luxury vehicles, only for the deals to collapse.


Ultimately, Legion’s deceit caught up with him when Reesa Teesa obtained her spouse’s social security number and eventually conducted a background check on him. That’s when she ascertained that he had never actually resided in California or attended San Diego State. Not only that, but his previous employer was listed as a grocery store, and the background check substantiated that he was so “impoverished” that he couldn’t afford to cover the costs for the divorce from his ex-wife. Teesa added that she conversed with the ex-wife, who corroborated that the man was a chronic liar and cautioned her not to trust him.

As if that wasn’t enough, Teesa also discovered that Legion was being unfaithful to her, which was the last straw. An incensed Reesa Teesa ousted him, only for Legion to harass her and plead for another opportunity. Matters deteriorated to the point where she alerted the authorities, and he was arrested for a prior warrant, but was swiftly released.

To “dodge him” and escape from the man who she discovered was employed as a forklift operator, Reesa Teesa ultimately relocated and changed her telephone number.


As you can envision, social media has plenty to opine about Reesa Teesa’s TikTok story, and they believe that a film might be in the works for the woman who is currently captivating timelines.

What are YOUR thoughts on Reesa Teesa’s viral #WhoTFDidIMarry TikTok story?