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This summer, EASports College Football will make a return after fans have eagerly requested it for a decade, all thanks to Name, Image & Likeness.

Some of the fondest childhood memories are created by video games, and one of the most widely discussed games is EASports College Football. More than 10 years ago, you could select any prestigious university to build your empire and lead them to the pinnacle of College Football. The game was adored by gamers of all kinds and perhaps wasn’t truly valued until it vanished in 2013.

The game ceased production due to issues concerning the inclusion of players without proper compensation, as stated by ESPN.

If you believe that Name, Image, and Likeness is only a recent concern, then you probably weren’t around in the 2010s. When NIL first arose, progress seemed impossible. This was mainly due to the NCAA’s refusal to entertain the idea of player compensation. Fast forward to the present, where players now have the opportunity to receive payment, which led to the creation of College Football ’25. Players can choose to participate in the game using their likeness and receive a reported $600.

The burning question at this moment is, who will feature on the cover? Many prominent figures in the sports world are advocating for Nick Saban. Selecting Saban for the cover can help avoid any potential issues or controversies arising from featuring an athlete instead. Chris Fowler recently disclosed that various personalities have been contributing to the game for years.

You can view Chris’s account of his experiences working on the game below.