Rebel Wilson revealed that she opted for Ozempic to shed some pounds. In a recent chat with Sunday Times, the actress mentioned that she briefly turned to the medication to trim down as advised by her fertility specialist, aiming to improve her chances at IVF. (Also read: Sacha Baron Cohen addresses Rebel Wilson’s past statement about him being difficult to work with)

Rebel Wilson shared insights into her weight loss journey.

Rebel’s Words

The Australian actress, known for her roles in films like Pitch Perfect and Isn’t It Romantic, stated, “I, being someone with an insatiable sweet tooth, believe such medications can be beneficial.” She further mentioned that she has discontinued the use of the drug now.

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‘Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes’

Additionally, Rebel touched upon her weight loss journey, expressing, “Hardly anyone, except my mother, supported my weight loss journey. Many believed I would lose my niche in the industry, portraying the funny fat character, and they preferred me to stay in that realm. I strongly believe that young women should not strive to emulate Victoria’s Secret models — they should embrace their individuality. I acknowledge that my relationship with food is complex… I genuinely endorse beauty in all forms and sizes, promoting self-acceptance. Some might question, ‘How can you advocate body positivity and yet harbor self-loathing?’ But I never loathed myself; it was those problematic behaviors I detested.”

Rebel documented her weight loss journey through captivating photos and empowering captions on her Instagram, engaging with her fans. She labeled 2020 as her ‘Year of Health’. In a recent social media update, she shared: “The immense effort I put in resulted in a 14kg (30 pounds) weight gain due to stress! It triggers negative feelings about my body… it shouldn’t, but it does. I take pride in my projects such as upcoming movies and my memoir, but they have demanded a great deal, causing me to lose sight of my healthy habits. Anyone else facing similar challenges?

The actress is preparing to launch her book Rebel Rising, slated for release on April 2.

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