Accusations surrounding Sean “Diddy” Combs continue to increase, with the latest one tracing back to the well-known 1999 nightclub shooting incident.

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

A survivor of the altercation at the New York City nightclub–involving Combs, his then-partner Jennifer Lopez, and rapper Shyne Barrow–asserts that the mogul from Bad Boy Records was the one who fired at her face, rather than Shyne.

Natania Reuben, one of the three individuals wounded in the incident, expresses readiness to have the bullet remnants removed from her facial area for forensic examination, as she desires for the case to be reopened.

“I’m prepared to undergo a procedure to extract a portion of the nine-millimeter bullet lodged in my facial region to serve as potential evidence for this legal proceeding, even if it poses a risk to my life,” the 53-year-old exposed on News Nation’s Elizabeth Vargas Reports.


Reuben reveals that she still harbors nine fragments of the bullet in her face from the incident that occurred in the early hours of December 27, 1999, at Club New York outside Times Square.

“So, what is their response to this? I have nine bullet fragments, and I’m convinced that I can contribute one.”

The gunshots erupted following a dispute between Diddy and his associates, and a drug trafficker from Brooklyn known as Matthew “Scar” Allen. One member of Diddy’s group, 21-year-old Shyne, was apprehended by law enforcement as he fled the club carrying a weapon, as reported by the NY Post.

Following the gunfire incident, Diddy and J.Lo departed the venue in a Lincoln Navigator before being intercepted and detained by authorities. Lopez was released after a 14-hour detention and was not charged in connection with the case.

In 2001, subsequent to a six-week trial, Combs and his bodyguard, Anthony Jones, were acquitted on weapons-related accusations, while Shyne was sentenced to a decade in jail.

Nevertheless, Reuben now affirms that Diddy was actually the one who shot her, emphasizing that the injuries to her face demonstrate that she was directly facing the shooter. This narrative has been consistent since the beginning, with her testimony at the time stating, “I observed Mr. Combs … drawing a black firearm with his right hand.”

“I literally perceived them drawing the firearms, I had a clear line of sight,” she reiterated in her appearance on Elizabeth Vargas Reports. “I mean, I was shot in the nose. I was directly in front of them. I witnessed the entire sequence of events and have recounted it in detail to all relevant parties.”

Reuben added, “Who could better recount the incident than the individual who was shot directly between the eyes?”

The 53-year-old also declared that she has spent the past 25 years pursuing justice, claiming that Combs was the one who discharged the firearm at her face in the nightclub, not Shyne. She informed NewsNation that she believes Diddy was not held accountable appropriately, and she continues to express concern for her safety by coming forward.