Zomi, also known as Lalzawmi Frankcom, aged 43, was the Australian aid provider who tragically lost her life on Monday. She initiated her volunteer work for the World Central Kitchen in 2018 and later got recruited the following year, as per her former partner, Josh Phelps.

The final communication between them took place on Sunday, just before she and the humanitarian convoy departed from central Gaza. He shared some photographs from their joint efforts in distributing food on a reservation in South Dakota. In response, she sent a heart emoji.

Merely a day later, he was devastated to learn about her unfortunate demise.

“She was always ready to venture wherever necessary,” he mentioned. “She was pursuing her aspirations of establishing a global impact.”

Damian Sobol, hailing from Poland, was commended as the “champion of humanitarian endeavors” by his former associate, Noah Sims, a culinary professional in North Georgia who has been actively participating in various World Central Kitchen humanitarian missions.

Their paths initially crossed while providing sustenance to refugees in the southeastern Polish city of Przemysl, Mr. Sobol’s birthplace and where he pursued studies in hospitality.

“Damian possessed the ability to fulfill any task I sought assistance with,” Mr. Sims articulated.

Per the World Central Kitchen, the attack also claimed the lives of three British nationals: John Chapman, aged 57; James Henderson, aged 33; and James Kirby, aged 47. These gentlemen served within the organization’s security department. Local British media outlets depicted Mr. Chapman and Mr. Henderson as former members of the Royal Marines who later transitioned towards voluntary service.

The seventh team member, Jacob Flickinger, held dual citizenship of the United States and Canada and was a 33-year-old contributor to the World Central Kitchen’s relief operations.

Contributions from Kim Severson and Aaron Boxerman were factored into this coverage.