In Miami, the latest prognosis for OG Anunoby is unclear and “vague,” however, at first glance, “elbow tendinopathy” shouldn’t raise major concerns, as per insights from two medical experts interviewed by The Post.

Initially reported as “injury management,” the Knicks modified the status on Monday to “right elbow tendinopathy.”

The specific tendon affected was not disclosed by the team.

OG Anunoby (center) continues to miss time for the Knicks with an elbow injury. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

“It’s quite a general term. It could be related to tennis elbow, indicating tendinopathy on the outer side of the elbow, or golfer’s elbow internally,” stated Dr. Andrew S. Rokito, who heads the Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at NYU Langone Orthopedics. “Tendinopathy essentially means inflammation of the tendon, encompassing various elbow tendons.”

Tennis elbow, the most prevalent form of elbow tendinopathy, typically receives traditional treatments like rest, anti-inflammatory medications, stretching, and physical therapy.

If conventional methods prove ineffective, the next course could involve a cortisone or PRP injection, according to the specialists.

The Knicks have not disclosed whether Anunoby underwent any injections.

Despite elbow tendinopathy not being a common postoperative issue following the arthroscopic surgery Anunoby had in early February, Gupta expressed no surprise.

“If during his recovery or return to play he strained or overused those muscles and tendons, resulting in soreness and pain, it would impact his strength and performance,” noted Gupta. “The discomfort stems from the unhappy state of the tendon.”

Gupta clarified that the diagnosis doesn’t raise a major red flag, indicating no significant structural damage. However, as pointed out by Rokito, the term “elbow tendinopathy” remains challenging to decipher.

“The description is very ambiguous,” Gupta pointed out. “It lacks substantial detail.”

Can one manage to play through elbow tendinopathy?

“It depends on the severity of symptoms,” Gupta explained. “If the discomfort is mild, playing could be feasible; as long as the pain doesn’t exacerbate, it should be manageable. However, at times, it can be excruciating. Simple tasks like lifting a cup of coffee could trigger intense pain, while other vigorous activities might not elicit discomfort. The impact varies based on muscle usage that induces pain.”

New York Knicks forward OG Anunoby (8) drives against Denver Nuggets center DeAndre Jordan.