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Recent news confirming Joel Embiid’s comeback to the Philadelphia 76ers this week after an extended absence due to a serious knee injury.

Without a doubt, this was welcomed news for the Sixers, who are currently in a position to partake in the Play-In Tournament later this month.

However, will Embiid’s return be adequate to propel the team into the playoffs or is it too late in the season?

Discussing on “Undisputed,” Keyshawn Johnson mentioned that he believes the Sixers lack the necessary prowess to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs, even with Embiid back in the mix.

He indicated that it will require time for the reigning MVP to readjust to gameplay, and the first round’s competition will pose a significant challenge for the 76ers.

The team currently holds the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference with a 40-35 record.

If they exhibit exceptional performance in the upcoming weeks and the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat struggle, there might be a chance they secure a playoff spot without engaging in the Play-In Tournament.

However, the more plausible scenario is that they will need to face off against the seventh seed before advancing to the postseason.

In this case, they would potentially face the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers, or New York Knicks in the opening round.

Per Johnson, they are unlikely to prevail against these opponents, even with Embiid’s participation.

If he had returned a few weeks earlier, the narrative might have been different.

Nonetheless, Embiid will require time to regain his form and re-establish synergy with his teammates.

Unfortunately, the 76ers are pressed for time and must secure as many victories as possible.

It’s positive that the Sixers will have Embiid back, but his return does not ensure an easy road ahead in the following weeks.

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