Megan Fox values women’s openness regarding the cosmetic treatments they have received. In the same spirit, she disclosed her own plastic surgery experiences during a podcast, Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper. (Also read: Megan Fox shares her struggles with body dysmorphia: ‘Never reached a point in my life where I embraced my body’)

Megan Fox aspires to be ‘open’ about all the procedures she has undergone.

Megan acknowledged that even if she honestly revealed all the procedures she has undergone, people (especially women) would still criticize her. She cited Kylie Jenner as an example. “Even if I disclose everything, there will still be criticism, especially from women. Take Kylie, for instance. She has been very open. Yet, she continues to face harsh criticism. It’s unfair. She’s a stunning, healthy, young woman. When I see other girls in a similar situation, I feel a strong urge to protect and stand up for them,” Megan expressed.

Procedures she avoided

Megan proceeded to list the procedures she has avoided. “I have never undergone any facelifts – no mid facelifts, lateral brow lifts, or regular brow lifts. Although I have considered lateral brow lifts, I haven’t gone through with them yet. I’ve never opted for threads as I’m skeptical about their efficacy. I also fear they might interfere if I require a facelift,” she revealed. Furthermore, she clarified that she has never undergone buccal fat removal or liposuction due to her naturally slender figure. However, she is open to receiving fillers.

Procedures she underwent

Megan then detailed the procedures she did undergo. “I underwent breast augmentation when I was 21 or 22. I had them revised after breastfeeding my children because they seemed to have disappeared. Subsequently, I had them replaced recently to address implant rippling caused by insufficient body fat,” she disclosed.

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“I also had a rhinoplasty in my early 20s. I’ve often been accused of having multiple rhinoplasty procedures, which is impossible as it would lead to necrosis and nasal tissue loss. The last time I had a rhinoplasty was around the age of 23, more than a decade ago. Since then, I have not altered my nose,” Megan clarified.

Megan rose to fame in the early 2000s with movies like Transformers and Jennifer’s Body. She was in a long-term relationship with Machine Gun Kelly before their recent breakup.