Iantha Richardson is featured in the well-received series Will Trent on ABC portraying the character Faith Mitchell. Having entered its second season on February 20, the show is amongst the most viewed on television.

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Our conversation with Richardson was highly anticipated, especially due to the burgeoning romance between her character Faith and the new love interest Luke, portrayed by Ser’Darius Blain.

“We will witness more of her romantic life, which is a significant highlight of the season. Faith, who is currently an empty nester as her son has recently begun college, is exploring new paths in life,” shared Richardson with BOSSIP. “This season will delve into the storyline involving Faith, Luke, and their evolving love affair, intertwining with their professional lives.”

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In the initial season of Will Trent, we were introduced to Faith Mitchell as a single mother raising a teenage son. Reflecting on Richardson’s youthful appearance, we jestingly remarked that it seemed improbable for her to have a college-aged child.

“She’s 33, the same age as me,” disclosed Richardson. “She became a mother at 15, which although rare, it is plausible. This aspect of her resilience and journey is akin to that of many experiences. I have a friend with a similar narrative, though not at 15, there’s a more sibling-like relationship – nevertheless, ‘That’s your kid!’ It’s truly intriguing.”

When tackling the role of a mother on screen, Richardson drew on her memories and experiences with her own mother.

“I found myself reflecting on my mom’s parenting ideals and methods, which has been quite nostalgic. Despite losing my mom in 2019, revisiting her perspectives has been delightful. It stirred up feelings of gratitude and helped me connect with the character, considering I am not a parent. I can only imagine the responsibilities. Observing friends who are new parents has also provided insight. It’s like being the nurturing Auntie or a godmother; it’s been an enjoyable and enlightening experience. I look forward to parenthood in the future, although not presently.”

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For dedicated followers of the series Will Trent, this season signifies a stronger bond between Trent and Mitchell as partners at the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation). Richardson sheds light on the evolution of their dynamic.

“We witness Faith transitioning from an intern, striving to prove herself, into a reliable partner whom Will can depend on. There’s a growing understanding between them; Faith comprehends Will better and is more tolerant of his quirks. They develop a mutual respect that brings a sense of harmony this season,” shared Richardson with BOSSIP. “The settling-in process this season brings is truly heartwarming.”

We wholeheartedly embrace this development!

One characteristic that sets apart Will Trent’s character is his dyslexia, influencing his distinct approach to work and crime scenes. Curiously, Richardson shares a common ground with Trent in dealing with a learning disorder.

“I also have dyslexia, although not as severe as his. However, I can relate to the challenges, especially as an actor during table readings and impromptu reading situations, striving to minimize errors.”

Within that space, I deeply understand that character in various aspects. During my younger years, I appreciate my parents, and the educational institution I attended followed the Montessori approach. This enabled me to engage in personalized sessions with a teacher, where I would spend extended periods in the middle of the day focusing on sight reading. This involved a significant amount of word memorization. However, encountering newer words posed a challenge, especially those that were not already stored in my memory. It has indeed been an intriguing journey for me.

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Iantha also starred as mature ‘Tess’ in 10 episodes of This Is Us,, so we were interested in knowing her experience reuniting with TV mother Susan Kelechi Watson, who made a guest appearance in the latest season’s premiere episode.

“The reunion was absolutely delightful,” Richardson shared with BOSSIP. “I am truly thankful for their presence. Susan and Sterling were the two individuals I collaborated with the most on that series. Having her on a show where I am in a leading role created a beautiful full-circle experience. We spent time reminiscing about our shared memories from This Is Us, reflecting on how certain dynamics didn’t always resonate on other sets while some did. It was truly lovely having her on set, and her infectious energy was well-received by everyone. Beyond her exceptional acting skills, everyone felt her positive presence, with comments like, ‘Do we really have to say goodbye to her?’ She truly illuminates the screen.”

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For those unfamiliar, Will Trent is based on the book series by Karin Slaughter. We were curious if Mitchell had received any feedback from fans of the books regarding her portrayal differing from the white character in the series.

“At the beginning, there were a few comments on Instagram targeting the cast not aligning with the readers’ mental image from the book,” Richardson recollected. “It reminded me of a scenario akin to Little Mermaid — fictional characters can embody different interpretations. Karin Slaughter actively contributes to the narrative and production, which gave me assurance. Thankfully, those initial reactions did not phase me much. The goal is to ensure that fans who invested in the books find satisfaction as the story transitions to television. The majority of feedback following the show’s release was positive, while the initial dissent was minimal.”

Richardson’s upcoming project includes starring in BET’s remake of Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead.

Will Trent airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 8pm EST