Seven aid workers associated with World Central Kitchen lost their lives in the Gaza Strip after their convoy was targeted on Monday night, as reported by the humanitarian organization and health officials in Gaza.

The relief organization, established by the respected chef José Andrés from Spain, stated that the convoy was struck in an Israeli military action. In a statement post the incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that their forces unintentionally caused harm to innocent individuals. He mentioned that Israel was coordinating with foreign administrations regarding this occurrence.

Here’s the current information available.

The convoy consisting of three vehicles had just departed from a food warehouse.

After unloading over 100 tons of food delivered to Gaza via sea at the warehouse, members of World Central Kitchen were leaving a warehouse in Deir al Balah, a city in the central Gaza Strip, when their convoy, comprising two armored vehicles and another car, was attacked late on Monday, as per the organization’s statement.

The charity noted that the Israeli military had been informed about the movements of the aid workers. The visuals and photographs, authenticated by The New York Times, suggest that the convoy was struck multiple times. The images display three wrecked white vehicles, with the two outermost vehicles set nearly one and a half miles apart.

The distinct logo of World Central Kitchen was visible on items inside the burnt interiors of the two outermost vehicles. The middle car had a large hole in its roof, clearly displaying the organization’s logo. Despite the significant distance between them, all three vehicles were close to or on the Al-Rashid coastal road.

As of Tuesday morning, it remained uncertain what type of ordnance struck the vehicles and whether these explosives were launched from the ground, an aircraft, or a drone.

Six individuals from foreign countries and one Palestinian lost their lives.

Among the deceased, World Central Kitchen mentioned that one was a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, the rest of them hailed from Australia, Britain, Gaza, and Poland. In a mentioned post on the organization’s website detailing the victims’ identities and ages (link), the Chief Executive Officer, Erin Gore, expressed deep sorrow over the loss.

During a video address on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel mentioned a “sorrowful incident where our forces accidentally caused harm to innocent individuals in the Gaza Strip.” Mr. Netanyahu did not specifically refer to World Central Kitchen in his statement.

An Israeli official who is familiar with the situation, and requested anonymity due to the ongoing investigation into the strike, clarified that the prime minister’s comments were in relation to that particular strike.

“In times of conflict, such occurrences take place, and we are thoroughly investigating this matter. We are liaising with relevant authorities, and are committed to preventing such incidents in the future,” stated Mr. Netanyahu.

A source within the Israeli military, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss an internal examination, revealed that the military had confirmed its responsibility for the attack on the convoy. The Israeli military chief of staff, Gen. Herzi Halevi, is set to review the initial inquiry findings on the incident later on Tuesday, as per the official.

Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, a spokesperson for Israel’s military, mentioned that the investigation had been forwarded to the Fact Finding and Assessment Mechanism, a military organ tasked with scrutinizing allegations and delving into the circumstances around combat-related incidents. “We are commencing an inquiry to further scrutinize this grave occurrence,” he emphasized. “This step will aid in mitigating the likelihood of a repeat such incident.”

Inspectors from the United Nations surveying one of the demolished vehicles from World Central Kitchen on Tuesday.Credit…Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The Israeli military highlighted that the mechanism was an “independent, proficient, and expert entity.” Various human rights organizations have frequently criticized the Israeli military’s capability to conduct transparent self-investigations, claiming that these inquiries often result in lengthy processes with minimal indictments.

The aid vessel from World Central Kitchen is now en route back to Cyprus.

At the time of the attack, staff had already unloaded 100 tons of aid from the Jennifer, a vessel of World Central Kitchen that had departed from the Cypriot harbor of Larnaca over the past weekend and reached Gaza on Monday. Another 240 tons were scheduled for unloading on Tuesday, confirmed Theodoros Gotsis, a spokesperson for the Cypriot foreign ministry.

Mr. Gotsis indicated that the Jennifer proceeded to leave Gaza and return to Larnaca on Tuesday. He mentioned that additional aid was stocked in Larnaca warehouses, but there was uncertainty on when and if a delivery mission would be initiated.

Contributions to this article were made by Patrick Kingsley, Rawan Sheikh Ahmad, Gabby Sobelman, Matina Stevis-Gridneff, Lauren Leatherby, Nader Ibrahim, and Kim Severson.