Lionel Messi’s dedicated sentinel had extra responsibilities on Saturday night as three unauthorized individuals attempted to approach the renowned figure while Inter Miami was competing against Sporting Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium.

Yassine Cheuko became a noteworthy topic online just as much as Messi had been during the 3-2 Inter Miami triumph after swiftly charging onto the field towards the end of the match to restrain an overly enthusiastic fan who leaped onto the playing area, prompting the referee to halt the game.

The sentinel noticed the intruder during the second half’s stoppage time, sprinted onto the field towards Messi and the approaching fan.

Lionel Messi’s sentinel restrains a fan who intruded onto the field towards the Inter Miami star during a game in Kansas City on Saturday. Getty Images
Lionel Messi’s sentinel detains a fan on Saturday. Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Lionel Messi’s attendant dashed onto the field to control the fan. TikTok / ESPN

Although the spectator managed to approach Messi and appeared to take a selfie, Cheuko quickly intervened and wrestled the intruder to the ground as stadium security rushed in.

Various other spectators tried to invade the field, including a young fan who exhibited more self-control when detained by security.

The fan stood beside Messi with the superstar draping his arm around the youngster.

Lionel Messi’s guardian Yassine Cheuko observed during a game in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Jan. 29, 2024. Getty Images

Cheuko escorted that fan off the field by the shoulder, as shown in a photo of the particular incident from that Saturday night.

It was evidently apparent that Kansas City had been swept up in Messi Mania with the Argentine present in the city with his MLS club on Saturday night.

Messi dazzled the crowd of over 72,000 spectators in the NFL stadium with a remarkable goal in the 51st minute to give Inter Miami a 2-1 advantage.

Lionel Messi with the ball in action against Sporting KC on Saturday. Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

He unleashed a strike from long range outside the penalty area that eluded the Kansas City goalkeeper and found the net.

Prior to that, he played a role in orchestrating a goal by Diego Gomez to equalize the game.

Saturday night provided an occasion for football royalty to intersect with Kansas City’s elites before kick-off.

Messi seized the opportunity to exchange greetings with Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the depths of Arrowhead Stadium.