Did you believe that the potential of AI technology was already frightening? Well, we regret to inform you that Adobe has recently unveiled a video featuring its new Adobe Firefly video model, which offers a wide range of unsettling AI capabilities.

The exuberant narration highlights how Adobe is harnessing the capabilities of generative AI to introduce the most cutting-edge and accurate editing tools ever seen in Premiere Pro. The video demonstrates how AI will soon have the ability to fabricate objects that never existed, eliminate undesirable elements, extend scenes, and craft synthetic backgrounds.

The video emphasizes that the “content credentials” will always indicate whether AI was utilized, but this assurance only applies to the Adobe software itself. Given that content creators have faced criticism for surreptitiously incorporating AI into their final products, it appears inevitable that advancements in technology like this will increasingly blur the line between reality and fiction on our screens.

Artificial Intelligence