The Astros engaging in deceitful behavior once again.

On Tuesday night, Houston pitcher Ronel Blanco was ejected against the Athletics for possessing “the most adhesive” glove as noted by first base umpire Erich Bacchus.

Blanco now faces a potential 10-game suspension.

Ronel Blanco’s response to his ejection. AP

“I sensed something inside the glove,” Bacchus stated, as reported by ESPN. “It was the most adhesive material I’ve encountered on a glove since we began this practice a few years back.”

MLB umpires commenced inspecting for substances in 2021, and Blanco having such a sticky glove stands out significantly — particularly given the Astros’ dubious past.

Blanco, who pitched the first no-hitter of the season in April, encountered issues before the fourth inning during his glove inspection by Bacchus.

As the inspection continued, umpires, Blanco, and Astros manager Joe Espada gathered on the mound before crew chief Laz Diaz made the decision to remove Blanco from the game.

In line with ESPN, Diaz mentioned that the glove would be forwarded to the commissioner’s office.

The umpires deliberating the situation. Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

“Everyone checked the glove to confirm we all felt the same thing, and he had to be ejected due to the foreign substance on his glove,” Diaz explained, according to the outlet.

Diaz further stated that the umpires were unsure of the substance on Blanco’s glove, but it was against the rules.

“We do not make that determination,” Diaz clarified, as per ESPN. “We just found it to be sticky, sticky enough that our fingers got stuck. Now it’s up to the league office to ascertain the nature of the substance.”

Blanco asserted his innocence.

“It was probably rosin that I applied to my left arm,” Blanco explained via a translator, as reported by ESPN. “Possibly due to sweat, it transferred to the glove and that’s what they found.”

He also mentioned: “I told them, ‘If you discovered something adhesive in my glove, you should also examine my hands because it should be there too. Just check my hands,’ but they didn’t.”

The examination of Blanco’s glove before his removal.
Ronel Blanco exiting the field post-ejection. AP

However, Blanco confessed he was unaware that having a sticky substance on his non-throwing arm was against the rules.

“No, I was not aware that it was prohibited,” Blanco acknowledged, as per “I see other pitchers doing the same thing, so I assumed it was normal.”

Despite the early ejection, the Astros emerged victorious over the A’s with a score of 2-1 in 10 innings.

Houston was famously linked to a sign-stealing scandal, with an MLB investigation revealing in 2020 that the Astros illegally stole signs electronically during the 2017 regular season and playoffs on their way to a World Series championship.