Smoke rising over buildings in Jabaliya in northern Gaza after a strike on Tuesday.Credit…Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

In a statement on Wednesday, the Israeli military announced an escalation of their military operations in different parts of northern Gaza, where they have recently resumed actions. This move has raised concerns regarding the country’s long-term approach as it aims to suppress a growing Hamas rebellion in the region.

The United Nations reported that over 100,000 Palestinians have fled areas in northern Gaza following a mass evacuation order by Israel on Saturday. Despite repeated efforts by Israeli forces during their seven-month conflict with Hamas, the armed fighters in the north have not been completely eliminated.

According to sources from both the Israeli military and Palestinian residents, Israeli forces are focusing their efforts on Jabaliya, a densely populated urban zone mainly inhabited by Palestinians who were displaced during the conflicts surrounding the establishment of Israel in 1948, along with their descendants.

Reports indicate that Israeli forces are moving into Jabaliya amidst heavy airstrikes and shelling. Raafat Nasr, a resident of downtown Jabaliya, confirmed the advancement, while Hamas’s armed faction stated that their fighters are engaging in combat with Israeli troops in Jabaliya, targeting soldiers and armored vehicles.

Amidst the “terrifying explosions,” Mr. Nasr, a 50-year-old, chose to remain with his wife and two children at their residence. Amidst the chaos, his family members are scattered, with some attempting to flee Rafah, the southern Gaza city, in response to another Israeli military move.

Mr. Nasr expressed his concerns, stating that “Nowhere in Gaza is safe, and we don’t have anywhere left to go.” He added that the family is rationing their remaining food and water supplies while facing the challenges of the situation.

Displaced Palestinians flee Jabaliya in northern Gaza on Tuesday.Credit…Dawoud Abu Alkas/Reuters

Israeli forces completed a separate operation in Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighborhood on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of at least five soldiers, according to military reports.

The return of the military to areas like Jabaliya and Zeitoun has heightened concerns that the country may be stuck in a protracted conflict in Gaza without a clear exit strategy. Former Israeli officials argue that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s objective of completely dismantling Hamas’s governance in Gaza is impractical without presenting a viable alternative for governing the region.

In response to criticisms, Mr. Netanyahu dismissed any alternative strategy, emphasizing the necessity for “military victory” over Hamas. He downplayed discussions about post-war scenarios, stating that they are futile as long as Hamas remains a significant factor.

Anas al-Tayeb, another resident of Jabaliya, evacuated with his family soon after receiving the evacuation notice on Saturday morning. Despite the chaos, Mr. al-Tayeb remains concerned about his undamaged home and the ongoing conflict.

Mr. al-Tayeb reflected on the recent peace before the renewed conflict in northern Gaza, highlighting the reduction in food prices and a lower frequency of airstrikes, creating a sense of temporary stability. However, he lamented that the recent events have brought back the initial fears and anxieties, erasing the brief period of calm.