Summary: Until May 22, manage any project effortlessly with a perpetual license to Microsoft Project Professional 2021, now priced at $19.97.

Project managers are skilled at handling multiple tasks. Their responsibility is to ensure that a project is successfully completed within the set timeframe and budget. They also need to supervise team performance while bearing the ultimate accountability for the project’s results. While challenging, having the right project management tools can simplify their roles.

Microsoft Project has earned its reputation as one of the original project management software solutions, equipped with features to efficiently monitor timelines, budgets, and resources. Until May 22, you can seize the opportunity to acquire a lifetime license for Microsoft Project Professional 2021 for Windows at a discounted price below $20.

While we can’t promise that Microsoft Project will make managing projects effortless, it certainly streamlines the process significantly. Whether you are dealing with a minor task or overseeing a long-term project, this user-friendly application offers the necessary tools to accomplish your goals.

You can utilize pre-designed templates to kickstart any project deliverables and utilize timesheets to track the time spent on projects for precise evaluation of team productivity.

For those struggling to estimate project timelines accurately, the software allows you to either allow automatic generation of start and end dates based on dependencies (adjustable as needed) or create visual schedules to understand the overall project timeline. It also enables you to simulate hypothetical scenarios to identify potential flaws in your plans. Additionally, you can access built-in reports highlighting inefficiencies, thus aiding you in pinpointing areas for enhancement.

This offer is exclusively applicable to new users and requires a device running Windows 11 or 10, or Windows Server 2019.

Stay organized and on target with a Microsoft Project subscription.

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Until May 22 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you can avail a lifetime license for Microsoft Project 2021 for Windows at just $19.97, without needing a coupon.

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