The panic is evident. Republican critics of Trump and their companions on the left are struggling to come to terms with the fact that former President Trump is garnering backing from Latino voters.

The most outspoken critics are the experts and commentators who once thrived on the Republican Party. Trump rendered them irrelevant in 2016. Conventional Republican professionals had no influence over Trump. He pursued his own path.

For consultants like Ana Navarro, the easy money was no more. She, along with others, switched sides and aligned with Democrats to stay relevant in certain circles. Opportunists will always find opportunities.

Navarro was a long-time advisor for Republicans like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in Florida. She was a frequent guest on political talk shows as a Republican analyst. She became part of a faction of ex-Republicans who opted to capitalize on their animosity towards Trump. She was rewarded with a co-hosting spot on The View and she serves as a CNN contributor. She belongs to the category of Republicans who seek favor with Democrats, and they tolerate her.

An interesting development is unfolding. With the presidential election approaching in November, Trump’s approval ratings among minority voters are on the rise. Both Latino and Black voters are showing a shift towards Trump. While Biden and other Democrats still hold the majority of support from these voters, the increasing backing for Trump is noteworthy. Democrats, particularly the Biden campaign, are in a state of fear.

Navarro endorsed Biden in 2020 and often comes to his defense. When discussing Trump’s large rally in the Bronx, she erred by labeling Latino supporters of Trump as “highly foolish.”

“There are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them, and who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American, pass as whatever,” Navarro stated on CNN, where she serves as a commentator. “And that’s a highly foolish attitude to have.”

She is committing the same error she previously accused Democrats of – taking minority voters for granted. She has failed to grasp the appeal of Trump to voters. She is reverting to demeaning Trump supporters. She is experiencing a moment akin to Clinton’s “deplorables” comment. How did that turn out for Hillary Clinton? This incident coincided with the Democratic governor of New York branding the individuals who attended Trump’s campaign rally in the Bronx as “clowns.”

Trump is registering significant support in polls among Black voters, for instance, and if these figures hold, it will play a pivotal role in his re-election triumph. Democrats cannot emerge victoriously without substantial backing from Black and Hispanic voters. The issue lies in the political shift towards more conservative governance. Voters are growing tired of woke politics and Democrat attempts to secure votes through governmental handouts rather than focusing on policies that truly impact lives.

She delved back into 2019 and brought up a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso. A deranged racist targeted Hispanic shoppers in that tragic event.

“What folks fail to realize is that when the person drives thousands of miles to track down Latinos in a Texas Walmart, he isn’t concerned about when you arrived here. He isn’t concerned about your accent,” she expressed. “What he’s focused on is whether it resembles him, whether it sounds like him? That’s what he’s after. So, you know, when individuals exhibit an anti-sentiment, they’re not asking for your papers, they’re just anti-that group.”

It was a peculiar justification for her argument that Latino voters should adhere to their place and vote for Biden in November.

Hispanic business owners are increasingly extending their support to Trump over Biden. While a majority of Hispanic workers are siding with Biden. A recentsurvey by the U.S. Hispanic Business Council (USHBC) reveals a marked lead in favor of Trump among the group’s business owners.

Forty-six percent of the surveyed business owners indicated they would vote for Trump if the election were held today, compared to 30% who favored Biden.

However, 52% of the non-business-owning members within the organization disclosed they would support Biden. Only 31.5% preferred Trump.

Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) remarked, “We share the same values as everyone else,” on television this morning. Hispanic voters lean towards social conservatism, though they typically vote for Democrats. Trump is mirroring what former President George W. Bush did to secure Hispanic backing – he directly engages with them. Trump ventured into the Bronx to appeal to Hispanic and Black voters, a move not taken by a Republican presidential candidate since the 1980 election. Although Reagan ended up winning New York, I am skeptical that Trump will clinch New York, but I anticipate he will perform considerably better than what Democrats presume.

Voters do not wish to be taken for granted. What has Joe Biden done for minority voters? There is a sense of nostalgia for Trump in America – voters are reminiscing about how Trump’s economy uplifted all Americans. A rising tide elevates all boats. Trump’s tax adjustments augmented the earnings of Americans across the spectrum.

The border security measures during the Trump administration proved effective. The unspoken truth is that legal immigrants resent those who trespass into our nation. Law-abiding immigrants adhere to the regulations and understand how profoundly unfair it is for illegal aliens to reside in America and receive an array of benefits funded by taxpayers, including themselves.

Ana Navarro commits the fallacy of echoing DNC rhetoric in her critique of Trump. She alleges that he vilifies immigrants, which is untrue. He vocalizes his opposition to illegal immigration and those who infiltrate our country through unofficial entry points. Dismissing the fact that criminals are entering the border is disingenuous and disingenuous.

Navarro countered by highlighting multiple aspects, including the public overlooking the “absurd remarks” Trump makes as he remains largely sidelined by his numerous legal entanglements.

“People are already aware that this individual is misogynistic, racist, and makes divisive statements, yet they do not seem to interpret them literally or seriously,” she remarked. “They view it as part of a clownish entertainment act.”

It is an oversight. Hillary Clinton learned the hard way that when a candidate insults a significant portion of the voter population on a personal level, they tend to turn away. Trump resonates with ordinary voters because he communicates with them, he engages in their neighborhoods. He arrives.

Trump’s economic achievements during his tenure and his strict border policies are what voters are currently seeking. The economy and illegal immigration are the top two concerns among voters this election cycle. Biden has faltered considerably on both fronts. The minority voters shifting away from Biden and towards Trump are not foolish or clownish. They are pragmatic. Trump has transformed the Republican Party into the party of hard-working Americans.