NEW DELHI — A massive fire erupted on Saturday at an amusement park in Gujarat state in the western region of India, resulting in the death of at least 22 individuals, including multiple youngsters, as per officials.

The flames broke out at the park located in the city of Rajkot. The Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava confirmed that the fire was now contained, and a rescue mission was in progress.

Vinayak Patel, a police official, verified the demise of 22 individuals due to the fire. However, the News Channel New Delhi Television reported a higher death toll of 27.

Mr. Patel mentioned that the bodies were extensively burnt, making identification a challenging task.

The park generally witnesses a surge in visitors during the weekends, with families and children enjoying the summer break from school.

Video footage displayed firefighters clearing the debris near collapsed tin-roof structures used for diverse amusements such as bowling, go-karting, and trampoline activities, as reported by the media.

The amusement park is privately owned by Yuvraj Singh Solanki. Commissioner Bhargava mentioned that a negligence charge will be pressed against him.

Mr. Bhargava stated, “An accusation of negligence and culpability for the fatalities will be registered.” He added, “Further inquiries will be conducted after the completion of the rescue mission.”

The root cause of the fire is currently under scrutiny.

In a message, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed deep distress over the incident in Rajkot. He wrote, “My heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost their dear ones. Wishing a swift recovery to the injured.”

Incidents of fires are frequent in India, where construction companies and residents regularly defy building regulations and safety standards.