Have you been following Love During Lockup?

Source: Courtesy / WeTV

We have a special sneak peek from the upcoming episode of Love During Lockup. In this clip, Joey explains the challenges he is facing due to his mother’s declining health. Michael, worried about his friend, is beginning to express his concerns about Joey’s well-being.

Watch the clip below:

Love During Lockup showcases the intriguing moments that unfold when individuals seek love and establish connections with incarcerated individuals. This engrossing documentary series introduces the audience to six couples navigating the complexities of love within the prison system. Each individual adopts a distinct approach to finding love behind bars. Some individuals are entirely fixated on finding their ideal prisoner and their daily routines revolve around this quest. For others, this might be their first time venturing into such an unconventional relationship. These couples encounter unique obstacles ranging from sending money, initial video dates and visits, to the sorrow and frustration within the prison system. The question arises – is it genuine love or a deceitful ploy?

The new episode of Love During Lockup will premiere on Friday, May 24 at 9pm EST on WeTV.