Even though Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been legally separated for quite a while, their paths still cross occasionally. The former couple, who were wed for over ten years, maintain a strong bond of friendship as they jointly raise their three children. Affleck recently tied the knot with Jennifer Lopez, but speculations about troubles in their relationship have set the town abuzz. Reports indicate that Garner has been making efforts to assist the couple, but her present partner John Miller supposedly thinks ‘it’s not her obligation.’

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s uncomfortable Halloween encounter at their children’s school.(X)

John Miller offers guidance to Jennifer Garner amidst rumors of Ben and Jen parting ways

“John is certainly bothered by Jen being extremely preoccupied with her former spouse,” a source informed Daily Mail. Emphasizing his concern for Ben, while also believing that Garner should not carry the responsibility for his marital difficulties, the source explained, “He genuinely cares for Ben and empathizes with his situation concerning Jennifer, but it doesn’t mean Jen should be the one to resolve her ex-husband’s issues with his current partner. It just doesn’t add up to anyone.”

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Ben Affleck is presently dwelling in a rental property in Brentwood, costing $100,000 monthly, in proximity to Garner’s area. His relocation has sparked hearsay of a split between the couple, who reignited their romance in the year 2022. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly facing hurdles in their matrimony. Reports suggested that Garner was attempting to mediate between the pair and was seen paying him a visit, likely providing suggestions. Insiders claim that Garner’s rumored fiancé is getting tired of her involvement in attempting to ‘mend’ Affleck’s association with the Atlas star.

‘Not Jen’s duty to mend things between Ben and JLO’

Aside from Ben, Garner also shares a strong bond with singer Jenny From The Block, who purportedly reached out to her seeking advice amidst marriage dilemmas. According to previous reports from Daily Mail, “JLo has been confiding in Jen because she knows that she is one of the few people in the world who can comprehend what she is going through.”

Nevertheless, the insider informed the publication, “John desires nothing more than for Ben to be fine, yet it is not his girlfriend’s duty to act as a caretaker for him.” Allegedly, he believes that it’s Ben’s task to figure things out independently and for his spouse to address.

“That is meant for Ben to resolve by himself and for his wife to manage. It isn’t Jen’s obligation, and he has communicated this to her.

Garner and Miller’s relationship ‘unchanged’ amidst separation rumors between Ben and Jen

A different source speaking to the British media mentioned that Miller is endeavoring to stay out of the ongoing controversy involving Affleck, and emphasized that his connection with Garner hasn’t been impacted by this. He acknowledges that the actress is an exceptional mother and a close friend who is solely focused on safeguarding her children, and is also there for Ben whenever he necessitates her assistance.

For those not in the know, both JLO and the star of ‘The Accountant’ recently celebrated their son Samuel’s graduation at their Brentwood estate after seemingly keeping their distance during the school event. Garner was also in attendance at both events. However, the couple showcased their wedding bands prominently, with fans optimistic for a reconciliation soon.