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This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys appear to have hit a standstill as they navigate the waters of offering contract extensions to their trio of prominent figures.

Key players like wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, defensive stalwart Micah Parsons, and quarterback Dak Prescott are on the brink of securing extensions, yet the Cowboys are currently facing constraints within the confines of the NFL’s stringent salary cap rules.

A noteworthy development occurred on Thursday with Trevor Lawrence of the Jacksonville Jaguars signing a lucrative five-year, $275 million extension, equating to an annual earning of approximately $55 million, a figure that equals the highest salary in the league held by Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals.

It is commendable that Prescott has not lobbied for such exorbitant sums, according to Clarence Hill Jr.

Praise for Prescott consistently centers on his integrity both on and off the field, with Cowboys fans hoping he might consider a reasonable compromise to aid the team in retaining its core assets.

Despite possessing one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, the Cowboys have struggled to convert potential into tangible success, prompting an impatient fanbase yearning for substantial improvements.

Historically, the esteemed franchise boasts five Super Bowl triumphs, but the team has failed to reach the NFC Championship Game or clinch the title since the 1995 campaign.

Compounded by Prescott’s postseason setbacks, some fans are contemplating a fresh start at quarterback following the upcoming season if an extension is not finalized promptly.

Should an extension not materialize soon, Prescott will hit free agency in the spring of 2025.

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