The collaborative antics of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are poised to fuel unprecedented demand for Deadpool & Wolverine. Surprisingly, interest in the highly anticipated movie seems to have peaked even before its official release date.

A still from the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer featuring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

The first R-rated MCU movie from Marvel is all set to redefine standards by shattering existing records. Deadline highlighted a recent report from The Quorum, a platform dedicated to providing pre-release film tracking data to the general audience, suggesting that the upcoming groundbreaking film is already projected to have a domestic opening of $200-$239 million in the US.

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Anticipated box office figures for Deadpool & Wolverine

What makes this development significant? Primarily, the struggling box office industry has rarely witnessed such a surge in numbers for a highly anticipated hit in recent times. For instance, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys: Ride or Die unexpectedly revitalized the box office by raking in $56 million in its domestic opening.

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Furthermore, no other R-rated movie has ever achieved a $200 million opening debut. Hence, the forthcoming Deadpool installment, operating independently from the main series, is poised to carve its own distinct path.

The original Deadpool film currently holds the record for the highest domestic box office opening for an R-rated movie, grossing $132.4 million in February 2016. However, these figures cannot be purely attributed to the MCU since this upcoming buddy film is considered Deadpool’s official introduction to this facet of the Marvel universe, following Disney’s late acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

If the projected numbers are attained upon the film’s theatrical release on July 26, it might also claim the title of the summer’s highest opener, surpassing even Disney/Pixar’s projected $100 million debut for Inside Out 2 this weekend.

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According to Quorum, Deadpool & Wolverine also boasts the highest PLF score, indicating that viewers are eager to experience this film in a premium format.

Current data shows that while 66% of individuals are interested in watching the film, 61% prefer the theater experience, and 77% are willing to pay to see it. Moreover, the anticipated premiere of the eccentric Deadpool film holds the promise of surpassing the current estimates.