Aiming directly at Trump’s unprecedented status as a legally convicted criminal, Joe Biden’s campaign unveils a new advertisement.Laura Brett/ZUMA

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A new commercial spot from President Joe Biden is shedding light on the reality that his Republican opponent in the presidential race is now a formally convicted lawbreaker—the first of its kind in American history.

The advertisement opens with solemn, monochrome images of former President Donald Trump in court flashing on the screen. A narrator sets the stage, stating, “In the legal arena, the true nature of Donald Trump is revealed.” The narrative goes on to assert, “He has been convicted of 34 felonies, held accountable for sexual misconduct, and engaged in financial deception.” (Verification: All factual.)

After highlighting some of Biden’s achievements—such as “reducing healthcare expenses” and “ensuring corporations fulfill their tax obligations”—the narrator reminds the audience of the significant stakes in the upcoming November election: “This electoral choice is between a lawfully convicted offender driven by self-interest and a president advocating for your family’s interests.”

As expected, the Trump campaign swiftly reacted to the latest advertisement. They asserted, without substantiation, that the commercial validates the far-right conspiracy theory suggesting that Trump’s guilt in the hush-money case was a ploy orchestrated by politically motivated election interference at Biden’s behest. Trump’s Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt alleged on X, “Corrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats manipulated the legal system against President Trump, and this new ad once again demonstrates that the trial was always intended to meddle with the election process. However, the American public sees through it.”

The recent ad is reportedly part of a $50 million advertising onslaught initiated by the Biden campaign, scheduled to run until the month concludes, strategically inaugurated just before the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump, facilitated by CNN and set for June 27. It also mirrors the intensifying emphasis of the Biden campaign in making Trump’s conviction a pivotal component of their communication strategy. Recent polls suggest that this could resonate with specific key voter demographics. A POLITICO Magazine/Ipsos survey revealed that over a fifth of independent voters—21 percent—expressed decreased inclination to support Trump due to the conviction. Conversely, 44 percent of independents indicated some belief, strong or moderate, in the unfounded narrative that the hush-money case was contrived to bolster Biden’s re-election prospects. In the 2020 election, Biden outpaced Trump among independent voters by 52 to 43 percent.

As the election draws near, Biden appears to be upping the ante and striving to convey the substantial threat that Trump 2.0 could pose. During a fundraising event on Saturday where $30 million was raised, Biden also reportedly stated, “One of the most alarming aspects of Trump’s potential re-election would be his ability to nominate two additional Supreme Court Justices.” (In case you’ve forgotten, in his previous term, Trump appointed three of the five justices who contributed to reversing Roe v. Wade—a fact of pride in this year’s campaign.)

As Democrats strive to underscore the disparity between Biden’s and Trump’s track records on abortion rights, NBC News reports that the Biden campaign intends to host more than 30 events in battleground states this Saturday in commemoration of the two-year anniversary of Dobbs, the ruling that invalidated Roe. The Democratic Party’s concentration on state legislative races also unveiled a $10 million campaign today in swing states, stressing the significance of electing Democrats at the state level and reinstating Biden for another term in the White House.

It appears that the Democrats are finally shedding their restraints—just in time for the upcoming debate showdown next week.