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Throughout multiple seasons, Dak Prescott has been the main figure of the Dallas Cowboys, leading many to anticipate his support for all the sports teams in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan region.

However, upon his arrival at Tight End University to engage in throwing passes with fellow participants, he seemed to show no allegiance to those groups.

Instead of sporting a Texas Rangers jersey, Dak Prescott opted for a New York Yankees jersey, as confirmed by Ari Meirov.

Despite the Rangers’ presence in the metropolitan area and their title as the reigning World Series champions, they are encountering struggles in the current season.

Approaching the final year of his contract, Dak Prescott remains distanced from reaching an agreement with the Cowboys on an extension. Some may interpret his jersey choice as a sign of his potential departure.

For several years now, Prescott has stood as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, briefly emerging as a frontrunner for the regular season MVP award towards the end of the previous season.

While showcasing undeniable talent and proficiency, Prescott’s playoff performances have consistently fallen short.

In the prior season, his early interceptions during the wild-card round enabled the Green Bay Packers to secure a substantial lead of 27-0, resulting in a comfortable victory.

There are proponents who suggest that Dallas should consider allowing Prescott to explore free agency in the upcoming offseason, monitoring the situation until then.

If such a scenario unfolds, could Dak Prescott contemplate joining the New York Giants?

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